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1xbet Review - Poker

It is important for poker players to have opportunities to play online. They can find two poker rooms on the 1xBet website.

This Russian bookmaker is known for its great betting opportunities, frequent bonuses and a variety of casino games.

For all who are interested not only in sports betting and games in the casino section, the poker section is an additional incentive to visit and use 1xBet. Here you will find two poker rooms, which we will discuss in detail below.

 How can you open the poker section?

At the top of the page there is a horizontal bar in which links for the main sections are arranged.

They start with sports, continue with Live, etc., and at the end of the menu bar there is a link titled "More". Clicking on it will open a drop-down menu. The third column, entitled "Online Games", contains a link to the bookmaker's poker section.

 What does the 1xBet poker section contain?

When the poker section page is opened, you will see all the poker rooms you can enter at the current moment.

To start playing, you must be registered on the bookmaker's website and logged in to your account.

There are two types of poker here: poker and Legion Poker.

The first is older and the second is newer. You cannot use a mobile application for games in the second room.

In the upper left corner you will see the abbreviation T&C - that is, conditions that you must comply with in the games.

The conditions are in English. These include the requirement in which you need to be a registered player, as well as an explanation of the two types of games you can play - for free (with money chips) and with real money.

It is also stated that the rules of No Limit Texas Hold’em apply in this section.

The amount of rake (player fee) is 1% and is deducted when you leave the game table.

 Types of poker games in the section

1xBet offers cash games, Sit & Go, Spin & Go games and, of course, poker tournaments.

Twice a day the bookmaker offers the so-called freeroll tournaments, with free entry and prizes.

 1xBet Poker Room

1xBet Poker Room

In the 1xBet Poker room, you'll find some outdated software and not that many games. But instead, you can use mobile apps for iOS and Android devices to play here.

Here you will find cash and Sit & Go games.

The only option to play is No Limit Holdém. There are usually no tournaments in this room, which can disappoint their fans.

 Legion Poker Room

We've already clarified that you can't use a mobile app to play in this room. But here the platform is new and you will find more variety.

As more and more players use their mobile apps to play, the poker room is more frequently visited than that of Legion Poker. So you need to be prepared for unfilled tables in games and tournaments.

 Let's take a look at what poker games you can play here:

- Cash games - here you will find Holdém, Omaha, Omaha Hi / Lo, Stud & Stud Hi / lo, with different limits, as well as no limit, and the tables will offer you seats from 2 to 8 and different speeds. Sit & Go tournaments - here the participants are up to 45 people;
- Spin & Go games;
- Different tournaments, with a variety of options, changing limits and more.

The most attended tables are Holdém and Omaha games.

Here you can participate in freeroll tournaments twice a day, every day. There are prize funds for them and the interest here is the greatest. Other tournaments are not so popular, but are attended by a number of players.

 Poker section promotions and bonuses

1xBet is a bookmaker known for its many bonuses and promotions. And for the poker section you will find many tempting suggestions.

You can get acquainted with them in the Promo section, where they are collected in a separate subsection.

 Freeroll promotion

Let's start with the very attractive $ 1200 freeroll for Legion Poker.

This is an indefinite offer, which is for all freeroll tournaments and participants in the Legion Poker section. 

 Bonus from $ 1 to $ 5

The $ 1 to $ 5 poker player bonus is an offer valid until December 26 this year.

This is also a bonus for the Legion Poker room.

In addition to the specified bonus, the amount of which is determined by how active the player is, the additional impressive prize is a lifetime VIP status, which brings other benefits in the long run.

To participate, you must play in the hall and receive 1 GP, which is equivalent to $ 1 rake.

The charge is every Friday, at 9 o'clock GMT.

The condition is that after receiving the bonus the player must play at least one hand within a month of receiving the bonus amount. If this condition is not met, the bonus is canceled.


There is another promotion for the Legion Poker hall, which is indefinite and bears the attractive name JACKPOT MONTE CARLO.

The jackpot you can get is at least $ 200.

To participate in the jackpot, you must play at a cash table for Hold’em, which has a special mark - M. In addition, you must collect the required combination of cards, using both pocket cards.

For the Royal Flush combination you will receive 100% of the jackpot, and for the Straight Flush - 30%.

The jackpot amount itself is formed by a 1% rake for each hand involving at least 4 players at the cash tables marked M.

Another requirement for each hand is to continue to the river. And if there are two or more winners at the table, they split the jackpot amount.

In addition, 15% of this amount is set aside, which marks the beginning of the accumulation of the next jackpot.

 Briefly about 1xBet poker games

The 1xBet poker section is another option for poker players and those who want to supplement sports betting on the bookmaker's poker games site.

Players can take advantage of bonuses, which are one of the bookmaker's strengths.

Meet them in the PROMO section. The bonuses are true with the Legion Poker Hall, and among them the offer for the MONTE CARLO jackpot is the most impressive.

For those who prefer mobile games, there is the Legion Poker room. Here, too, the variety is good, thanks to the modern platform. Here you can also take advantage of bonuses and promotions especially for the poker section. But the other poker room is also worth exploring - and here you will find poker opportunities with other fans too.

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