Types of coefficients

Types of coefficients


1xBet - Types of odds


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The odds are presented after each sports match in the online bookmaker's sports sections. The degree of risk depends on the odd being chosen.

Players usually look for bookmakers with high odds, as they mean higher and more concrete winnings, at the expense of relying only on bonus offers.

That's why the odds are very important for the bets. With them you can roughly calculate the profits you would achieve. The odds help to get an idea of ​​the amount that the bookmaker will pay in case the bet turns out to be a winning bet, and this is important when deciding whether to proceed with registration or not.

If the odds are high, it means that they are associated with a low probability of winning and, accordingly, bets with them carry a high risk of loss.

Low odds mean low risk and high probability of profit.

 Types of coefficients

Online bookmaker sites offer several types of odds.

They are decimal, fractional, American, Indonesian, Hong Kong, Malay.

1xbet Types of coefficients

Usually online bookers do not offer all types, but here 1xBet again has unique offers - you can use all six types.

Decimal coefficients are the most common.

- They are widely used in Europe, as well as in Australia and Canada. Because the values ​​are in decimal form, calculating them is easy.

Fractional odds are the oldest type, also known as British odds.

- It is clear from the name that they are presented in the form of fractions.

American odds are most popular in the United States.

- They are different for favorites and outsiders. Negative values ​​are used if the coefficient is worse than expected, and if it is better than expected, the coefficients are positive.

The other three types of odds are known as Asian.

We will briefly explain their features.

- Hong Kong coefficients are like decimal, but are expressed in fractions.

- The Indonesians are on the principle of the American ones - negative values ​​at a coefficient worse than expected and vice versa.

- In Malay, the principle is exactly the opposite - negative values ​​are at a coefficient better than expected, and positive values ​​at a coefficient worse than expected. 

 Change odds in 1xBet

Change odds in 1xBet

If you want to change the type of odds at which you bet, you will do so easily from the Settings button.

You will find it in the upper right corner, with the typical gear symbol. Click on it and a window will open in which you will first see the sectors for European and Asian type, and below them, under the heading Odds format, the six types will be displayed.

To change the odds you want, simply click on the appropriate sector. The page will then reload. After recharging, the odds will now be in the newly selected form.


The first three types of coefficients are the most typical and widely used.

Asian species are rarely used by non-Asian players. But the sheer variety of odds is a nice fact.

1xBet is a bookmaker that wants to offer more and more opportunities and options to players.

In addition, it may be interesting for some players to try the Asian odds.

We want to remind you that the probability remains the same, regardless of the type of odds you choose.

You can use the format that is most convenient for you. Changing the type of odds will simply change the format.

The ratios associated with lower risks will remain the same. The same goes for high risk ratios.

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