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1xBet - Live chat

Whenever a connection to the support of a bookmaker site is needed, live chat is the most preferred form of contact.

Whether it's for details on bets or casino games, or games in other sections of the site, or other issues related to platform navigation or issues with limiting your account, chat is available at any time.

You will see a GREEN button, in the lower right corner of the page.

 Open the window and use live chat

1xbet - Open the window and use live chat

Opening the window by clicking on the button to start the chat is very fast to do. The name of the on-duty consultant who is currently on the line will be displayed, and then you will be able to choose your preferred language for chat

In general, the language will be the one in which you use the site itself.

Then you will see the question "How can I help you?" Below it is a field in which you should write your question or questions.

After sending the question you will receive a quick answer. You will also hear a sound that means you have received the answer.

You will also be able to attach a file, most often an image, that explains the situation in which your question arose.

 The benefits of using live chat

As with other bookmakers, 1xBet live chat is a way to quickly get information related to the use of sections.

The maintenance consultants have undergone detailed training so as to provide accurate and comprehensive information on all questions asked by customers.

Even before registering at 1xBet, you can use live chat if you want to see what the bookmaker offers you and overall just have questions to ask.

Just click the green button in the lower right corner and open the chat window to ask your questions.

 What are the most common questions that make players use live chat?

What are the most common questions that make players use live chat?

- Players using 1xBet for betting and games can contact support via live chat when they want to clarify registration issues. 

- At some point, the bookmaker will ask you to verify your account, that is, to verify your identity through a scanned copy of a personal document to upload to the site.

If you have questions in this regard, ask them to make sure you follow the verification procedure correctly. 

- Another group of frequently asked questions are those related to the various bonuses and promotions, and in 1xBet the bonus offers are many. Do not hesitate to ask about the bonus offers you are interested in, so as not to miss opportunities for bigger winnings.

- When you start betting, and maybe before registration, you may be interested in how to deposit funds, what they are, what conditions they are related to, how quickly you will see the deposited funds in your account. Do not hesitate to ask questions related to the deposit.

- After accumulating winnings, you can withdraw funds from your 1xBet account. Find out what withdrawal methods the bookmaker offers you, what conditions they are related to. 

Of course, other questions may arise. It is always preferable to contact support, and the fastest and easiest way to do this is live chat.

 After the call, you can evaluate the service from the consultant

Once you have received answers to your questions, you will be able to evaluate the service, to indicate whether you are satisfied with it or not.

1xBet consultants are attentive, polite and competent, so we expect customers of the site using live chat to be satisfied with the answers received and the speed with which they are received.

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If 1xBet does not load - Check here