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1xBet - Language selection

In order for a bookmaker to be sought after and regularly visited, in addition to the variety of bets, casino games and other opportunities for entertainment and winnings, it is important to offer at least a few languages ​​in which the site can be used.

In this respect, the company 1xBet stands out with an impressive number  over 60 languages.

This makes the bookmaker accessible and easy to use for players from all European countries, as well as from other countries outside the old continent.

Compared to many bookmakers, including the leading and familiar to all experienced players, who are limited to several versions of the leading European languages, 1xBet has a very big advantage with the attention it pays to presenting the content of the site and the mobile application in so many languages.

 The advantages of being able to use different languages

1xbet - The advantages of being able to use different languages

1xBet customers can not only view the content of the sections on the site, but also bet and play using the version of their chosen language.

This is very important for players who are fluent in only their mother language and do not feel safe using, for example, English, or German, or French, or Russian.

When betting, it is essential to have a good understanding of the options offered by the bookmaker, and this is best done in the language that the player uses freely and confidently.

Languages ​​that are not used outside the country where a language is spoken are very important for players in that country. We will not list here all the languages ​​in which the site is available.

You can view which languages ​​are available by opening the language menu in the upper right corner of the site. They are given in alphabetical order according to the Latin alphabet.

We will only mention that among the languages ​​in which the content of the site can be used and bets are made, Macedonian, Kazakh, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Turkish are included.

 How can you choose the language in which to view the content of the 1xBet site?

How can you choose the language in which to view the content of the 1xBet site?

In the upper right corner of the page you will see the symbol of the language in which the site usually opens - English. Click on it and you will open the language menu. They are represented by abbreviations and by a symbol - the colors of the national flag of the country in a circle.

From the 60 languages, you can make your choice of language by clicking on the national flag. This will reload the page and open the version of the site in the language of your choice. You will continue to see the other pages in the same language.

 The importance of using understandable language

It is very important to be able to understand the basic requirements for using the site, the rules for creating an account, the conditions for verification, the creation of different types of bets and accumulators.

1xBet knows this and that's why it takes so much effort and effort to include a choice of 60 languages.

Understanding the terms of the promotions is also very important for the players' profits, and with the choice of understandable language this becomes possible for players from different countries.

In that way, virtually all players around the world can use the 1xBet version in the language they understand - native or freely used.

This contributes to the popularity of the bookmaker 1xBet, which rightly ranks among the most popular online betting sites.

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