1xBet Football bets

1xBet Football bets


1xBet Football bets


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There is hardly a player who has not been tempted by football betting. Football is a fascinating game, and betting is a challenge for both beginners and experienced players.

1xBet Football bets

And when online betting is accompanied by promotions and other benefits from the bookmaker, betting easily becomes a regular habit.

When you start betting on football on the 1xBet website, you will be impressed by the opportunities, the variety of trips and meetings, as well as the opportunities to bet on the sports exchange.

 Open the Football tab in the Sports section

When you open the 1xBet page, you will see the section titles in the upper horizontal bar.

The sports section comes first, and when you open it, football is the first sport on the list.

1xBet - Open the Football tab in the Sports section

The matches are grouped by championships. The rows with the names of the championships are marked in blue, so if you are looking for an event from a certain championship, you will easily find it first, and from there look for the match that interests you.

 Convenient filter for displaying matches

In the upper right corner you will see the filter with which you can arrange the matches by day or by time.

Here you also have the opportunity to quickly select a date. Using the filter, select the arrangement that is most convenient for you, and then click the Apply button in the bottom row.

If you want to make changes to the selected values, click the Clear button to the right of the Apply button.

 A very large number of championships and meetings

The focus of all online bookmakers are the leading championships - European, world, European Champions League, Europa League and others.

In addition to them you will find opportunities for betting on many other championships and matches.

The championships of the leading football countries, such as England, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina and others are also presented.

But the possibilities do not stop there. If you are looking for matches from national championships of less prominent football forces, you will also find those in the football section of 1xBet - even matches in Costa Rica, Senegal, Cyprus and others.

In general, it is worth looking for the matches you are interested in in this section, and when reviewing the available offers you will find many more interesting matches that you can bet on.

There are even events from amateur football championships and women's championships.

 The proposals for markets for football matches in 1xBet

1xBet is a bookmaker that has very good offers for markets.
The variety of matches from leading championships is especially great. There you can bet on general and a number of special bets.
You can see what markets are available for a given match in the plus column.
Open the additional markets window.

 At the time of writing this article for one of the upcoming leading matches, the markets include: 

-Result for the first half, result for the second half, corners, yellow cards, total number of cards, shots within the goal, ambushes, violations, beams, possession of the ball, shifts, alternative exits, saves and others.

You can place bets on the indicators for the first or second half, or for the entire match.
For matches that are the focus of popularity, the markets can exceed 1000. 

 We will add a few more of the many options:

- The first goal should be an own goal
- Victory to zero
- The team to score the first goal and not win
- To happen in the first five minutes of the match
- Individual sum.

For the less popular matches, the markets are not so diverse, but they are enough to choose a bet according to your preferences.

 Football matches in the Live section

1xBet - Football matches in the Live section

Both from the main page and when you open the Sports section and the football section, above you will continue to see the horizontal bar with the titles of the main sections - Live. Here you can place bets on matches that are currently taking place. 

 Here are some of the types of bets you can make in this section:

- Total for the first or second half
- Handicap for the first or second half
- Remaining time result
- Corners for the first or second half and many others.

Here you have the opportunity to watch live broadcast, if this opportunity is available for the match.

1xBet does not offer a direct picture for all live matches, but there are plenty of offers, so take advantage to complement your impressions with visual information for more successful bets.

 Betting on football matches on the 1xBet exchange

You will open the 1xBet betting exchange from the drop-down menu of the Sports section.

Here on the left you will see a list of sports, of which football is again in first place. Click on it to open the new page with matches and betting offers.

Again, for convenience, you will see the ranking of matches in championships. Select the championship you are interested in to open and see the matches in it.

Here the principle of offering is that the players themselves make offers for bets on a given match and offer odds, or choose from the offers already made and bet on them. There are two betting options: For and Against.

 Here are some suggestions for leading match bets at the time of writing:

- Equality - For or Against
- Total below / above - For or Against
- Match result variants - for the given match they are over 16: 0-0, 0-1, 0-2, 1-0, 1-1 and others - For or Against
- Both teams to mark - For or Against.

You can find out where to mark For and where Against by the color of the columns after the suggestions. For bets For them they are colored in blue, and for bets Against - in green.

Here, the variety of offers is usually not as great as in the Football section, but the available offers are enough for a wealth of choices and the opportunity to place bets according to intuition, information about teams and preferences.

 Selling a slip - Cash Out

The Cash Out option is known and preferred by many players as a way to save a complete loss in the event of a failed bet.

On the 1xBet website you will find this option as Selling a ticket in the Live section. It is not available for all matches and for all markets, so first check if it is available for the given match and for the selected market.

 This option can be used in three ways:

- "Sell slip" shows how much you can sell the slip for now or automatically take the amount later.
- "Sell later" is an option with which you will choose the amount at which you want your bet to be closed.
- "Sell now" means that you will stop your bet by selling right now. The bet will be closed automatically when this option is selected.


For football bets 1xBet is an excellent choice of the online bookmaker. Here you can find not only the most popular matches from the world championships watched, but also other matches of teams from less popular countries.

The markets, especially for the leading championships, are more than diverse, which gives many opportunities for winning straight columns.

The odds are very good, better than those of other leading online bookmakers.

In the Live section for most matches you can use the option to stop the bet, called Selling a slip.

With these offers and advantages, 1xBet offers excellent betting conditions. And for those tempted by higher odds with more risk for betting on the bookmaker's exchange.

For all those who like to make football bets on the go, there is an option to work with the 1xBet mobile application.

In case there are no football events available, you can always try FIFA bets as an e-sport or test the virtual sports options.

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