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Fight on slips


1xBet - Fight on slips


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1xBet - Fight on slips

All players love promotions and this is one of the many reasons to like the bookmaker 1xBet.  When  this promotions are a challenge to intuition, it's an even more exciting opportunity. 

Don't miss the so-called "Fish Fight" – here you can  bet with high odds, you can win an attractive bonus next month.

Here is more detailed information about this attractive promotion. It is a gesture to the players who are already customers of the site, and it is definitely very interesting.

 The conditions for participation in the promotion

1xbet - The conditions for participation in the promotion

The promotion starts on the first of each month. During the month you must fulfill the conditions of the bookmaker related to the offer.

As already mentioned, the conditions include bets with high odds.  If you want to entitle in  to participate you must use these odds which must be between 30 or 501, including the thresholds.

1xBet also has a condition for the amount of the bet. It must not be less than 3 euros for the given month.

If you place a chain bet or betting system, you will not be eligible to participate in this promotion.

To participate for a bonus through a "fight of slips", you must have a bet or bets in the Sports section or in the Live section.

If you have winning bet, your slip will be able to participate in the prize bonus draw.

 The value of the bonus next month

Depending on the total amount of all bets that meet the conditions and participate in the promotion for the given month, what will be the amount of the bonus that will be received next month by the winning players.

The bonus amount is calculated as follows: 1xBet determines 5% of the total amount of participating bets for the month.

 How many players will win bonuses?

When the end of the given month comes, the total amount of all bets eligible for the "Fight on slips" promotion will be calculated. As we specified, 5% of this amount will form the prize bonus.

The prize bonus will be distributed between 20 players. Ten of them will be with bets in the Sports section - these which slips have the highest odds.

The same condition applies to bets in the Live section - the ten players with slips with the highest odds will benefit from the bonus.

 How is the bonus amount distributed to the winners with bets in the Sports section and in the Live section?

How is the bonus amount distributed to the winners with bets in the Sports section and in the Live section?

The bonus amounts for the ten winning players in this promotion for both sections are not the same. The calculation of the percentages for both sections is according to the same rules.

Here's how they are calculated:

- If several bets fulfilling the conditions of the promotion have the same odds, the bet made with the highest amount will be preferred.
- If both the odds and the amount for bets participating in the promotion are the same, the bet that was made at the earliest has priority.

 When will the bonus be credited?

The accrual is made very quickly - from 1 to 5 days of the month following the month of betting for participation in the "Fight of slips". An important condition for accruing the bonus is that the data in your 1xBet account is completely filled in and verified.

 Terms for withdrawing the bonus amount

If you are one of the lucky ones who received a bonus amount for participating in the offer, you must first bet, with an amount of the bet which is equal to the bonus amount you received. In addition, your bet must have a odds of at least 1.9.


It's worth taking part in a "Fight on slips" if you want to test your intuition, like higher risks for your bets and want to win an extra bonus amount.

It is important that you meet all the conditions to be able to participate in the offer during the given month. And at the end of the month it will become clear if you are among the winners.

It is enough to be registered and to bet in the Sports and Live sections, with sufficiently high odds. This way you can be among the lucky ones who will be rewarded with a bonus amount next month.

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