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1xBet - Electronic sports

E-sports are already so popular that they have their numerous supporters who place bets on this section on sites like 1xBet.

Tournaments and world championships for these sports are in the spotlight and offer many opportunities for interesting bets.

The bookmaker company 1xBet broadcasts mainly not real championships, but computer simulations - in the following we will look at the advantages for this, but also the disadvantages that accompany this type of broadcasting.

If you are looking for real e-sports events, you will not have as many choices as simulations.

Here we will review the most popular titles, as well as the markets for them.

And in order to get acquainted in detail with the offered e-sports events and to study in detail the markets for the titles you are interested in, you need to open the e-sports section of the bookmaker.

We will add that for many of the events in this section 1xBet offers a live picture, which will further add to the emotions in betting.

 How to open the e-sports section in 1xBet and see what e-sports are available?

How to open the e-sports section in 1xBet and see what e-sports are available?

Firstable  you must put the cursor place on the Live button in the menu at the top of the page.

You have find the horizontal menu, in which you will find the e-sports section. Click on it and you will open the program with events and markets that are offered for them.

On the left is the menu with the titles, and in the central part you will see the events and markets for each of them.

If you want to see what eSports 1xBet has to offer, hover over the eSports symbol and a vertical list will open.

 If you want to see the list you must browse using the arrows at both ends.

Firstable  you will see the names of the games, and after each game you will see the name of the respective championship for it.

 The choice of e-sports - by categories and by popular titles

At the beggining, we will summarize you  the main categories of e-sports for which 1xBet offers events.

 They include:

-  most popular games for the  years, such as BattleField, Counter Strike and others
- Sports events - here you will find a lot of sports events as football, rugby, tennis, basketball, baseball, golf, FIFA, lacrosse, cricket and others..
- Martial arts - here you will find wrestling, UFC martial arts and more
- Competitions  as Formula 1 and rallies can also attract  you with  different offers.

You have really big choise of e- sports or electronic games

You will find different types from which to choose the ones that suit your preferences.

 We will list some of the available suggestions:

FIFA, Counter Strike, Dota, Formula 1, League of Legends, BattleField, Mortal Combat, Star Craft, World of Tanks, as well as American football, rugby, wrestling, basketball, tennis, hockey, handball and others.

E-sports are gaining more and more players and that is why the many offers in this section of 1xBet contribute to the bookmaker's popularity.

It is not necessary to explain how many years games like League of Legends, FIFA, Mortal Combat, Dota have been played.

The new electronic games are also attracting interest and have their fans on the 1xBet site.

Every day, fans of an e-sport can find events in which can make  their bets.

 You have a big choice of markets wchich can help you for  unforgettable betting experiences in this section are guaranteed.

 The markets from which you can choose in e-sports

The markets from which you can choose in e-sports

We will start with the markets that are available for the most established and popular electronic games for years:

- For League of Legends, the markets include the final result, the frags, the total frags - even or odd, who will be the first to destroy the inhibitor.
- For FIFA you will find markets such as: final result, exact result, exact number of goals scored, goal scored, next goal, handicap.
- For Star Craft, market proposals include: match duration, number of units for the winner in the match, number of drones for the winner, number of buildings for the winner.
- Dota fans can choose from markets such as: final result, total, even, odd, handicap.

For all events in the e-sports section of 1xBet you will find interesting offers on the markets.

You will be able to bet on both hugely popular tournaments and less popular events. And if you prefer to follow the most popular e-sports, and if you want to try less popular, the choice is great.

You can stick to the traditional titles you bet on, or try less popular titles.


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 How to place a bet in the e-sports section?

How to place a bet in the e-sports section?

In fact, there is nothing special about making bets in this section. Bets are placed in the familiar way.

Firstable select the meeting which is  interested in you, then you review the markets for it, make the market selection and add it to the electronic form, which is located on the right.

In the slip you will see the selection selected by you.

 What is typical for the e-sports events offered by 1xBet?

In the introduction we mentioned that 1xBet differs from other bouquets with offers of e-sports events.

Events from real championships in different parts of the world are not often offered.

E-games are offered in the vast majority of cases as simulations, ie it is a multiplayer game using a computer. This feature has its advantages.

First of all, you can find an event from your favorite e-game in this section every day.

You can also find games you've been following for years and bet on events from them.

For players who prefer real events, with an element of the human factor in them, this will be a disadvantage.

Due to the simulation, the events in the e-sports section, which you will find in 1xBet, will offer developments as in virtual sports, not real developments in real meetings with real surprises.

But even if this shortcoming is important to you, it is worth looking at the offers in the e-sports section and betting by choosing a preferred market.

You can also look for real meetings if you stick to this type of e-event. But as we mentioned, in the e-sports section of 1xBet they are much less than the simulations.


For fans of e-games, the variety provided by 1xBet is great, which guarantees interesting bets.

It is worth even those who do not prefer this sport to try and feel their charm.

And for players who have been fans of e-sports for a long time or less, we do not need to recommend this section of 1xBet.

The aspiration of this bookmaker to provide rich experiences with interesting bets, good markets, often with a live picture, makes this section preferred and worth visiting often.

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