1xBet - Deposit money

1xBet - Deposit money


Deposit money in to 1xBet


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To place bets online at 1xBet, you must have money in your account. And to have money, you need to make a deposit. Be sure to check the current conditions for deposit related bonuses, which  the bookmaker offers for newly registered customers. However, it's also a good idea to check for a current deposit promotion.

Deposit money in to 1xBet

 How do I open the deposit page?

1xbet - How do I open the deposit page?

To start depositing, you must have registered and verified an account on the site.

Log in to your account and find the Deposit button in the settings found on the Personal Account tab. This will open a new page where you will see on the left side of the screen all the methods in which to deposit and withdraw winnings from the 1xBet offers.

Click the second Deposit column if opening the new page does not show the deposit methods.

In general, you can see all the deposit and withdrawal methods as a list on the left side as well as in the second column.

If you want to see the deposit methods you can use in 1xBet on the page, you need to select Payment methods in the Useful links column. This will open the payment options and you will see the deposit methods in the second column.

More than 163 deposit methods are available. You can easily rest assured that you will be able to choose the most convenient method by which to transfer the funds in to your selected account.

 What deposit methods are provided by 1xBet?

We will look at these methods by the groups in which they are presented. No commissions are charged for them. You will also see the minimum deposit amounts in several currencies.

 Bank cards
There are four methods here, the most popular being VISA and Maestro. As for them, as well as for the other methods in this group and in the other categories, you will see that deposits can be made emediately.

 Electronic wallets
This type of payment is also known as "e-wallets". Of the 34 e-wallets, we will mention only the most popular - Skrill, with immediate deposit option.

 Mobile payments
Here you will find 11 suggestions. With them the deposit is again made immediately.

Here, in addition to the two Russian methods, you will also find TelePay and Amigo. They also offer immediate deposit.

 Payment systems
There are four 1xBet offers for payment systems. The most popular is NETELLER. The recording of the deposit is also carried out immediately.

 Electronic currency exchange office
Here there are four proposals, including 1xMoney.

 Payment terminals
The number of payment terminals is 22. We will not dwell on them, we will only point out that the deposit is made immediately.

 Online banking
Here the methods are 30. Many players will prefer ePay for Internet banking, which is included in this group. We will point out two more of the many methods - ECO BANQ and WebPay. In all cases, the deposit is made immediately.

 Prepaid cards
Four types of prepaid cards can be used to deposit in 1xBet. These include AstroPay and MoneySafe.

 Bank transfer
Here you have a choice of 15 offers, with immediate deposit.

In this group you will find 24 methods with which you can deposit. We will mention Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin. The deposit is immediate. If you can deposit through the cryptocurrency included here, read more about the conditions for depositing through it.

 Electronic vouchers
This is the last set of methods you can use to deposit. Six proposals, with immediate deposit, await you here.

We did not dwell in detail on all groups of methods by which you can deposit, as they are not very typical and popular.

You can choose the method that is most convenient for you, either from the traditionally used bank cards, Internet banking via ePay, or another method, or you can find a more convenient one in this impressive list with variety.

For example, if you are in Russia, you will have a very large number of convenient deposit methods available.

 The lower deposit limit

As mentioned above, for all methods included in the Deposit section, minimum amounts are given for depositing in several currencies. It is good to mark this information as well in order to comply with the requirements of 1xBet.

There are four currencies, and the minimum amounts for each are as follows:

- For rubles - at least 50
- For US dollars - minimum 1
- For euro - also minimum 1
- For Turkish lira - minimum 4.50

Choose the currency in which you will deposit and comply with the bookmaker's requirements for a minimum amount or its equivalent in another currency.

 Select the deposit method and fill in additional information if required

When you select the method, you will need to fill in the newly opened window the amount you want to deposit. Additional information usually includes your email address.

The next step is to confirm the deposit. A new page will open where this will take place. Filling in the information depends on the method you have chosen.

If you use a bank card, you will need to enter the three-digit number on the back of the card - the so-called CVV code.

And if you use the Skrill e-wallet, you will need to fill in the email address of your account and confirm the payment.


With over 136 methods from which to choose a convenient deposit method, there will be a suitable choice for everyone.

1xBet is a bookmaker that takes care of the convenience of the players and their fast service. So in terms of choosing the methods by which to deposit in your account, you can relax.

And the fact that the deposit is immediate for everyone is also a big advantage. You can start betting or playing as soon as you have deposited.

You may be surprised to be offered so many methods for Europe, many of which are typical of Russia and other countries. But on the other hand, if you live in one of these countries, it may be convenient to use these methods as well.

Remember to follow the minimum amount requirement and choose a method in which you are sure you have practice. If you want to try a new method, explore a little more information about it. If you need help and additional questions, you can always contact the live chat, where they will answer you immediately.

Payments on the 1xBet site are secure and secure. It remains for you to enjoy the opportunities on the site for betting, casino games and others, after making the appropriate deposit.

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