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1xBet - Change bet


1xBet - Change bet


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1xBet - Change bet

1xBet betting is an experience that every player must feel. The sports section contains a large number of events at any time, for the easy selection of an event.

The markets and the odds are also very good, making the bookmaker preferred by many players from different countries.

Bets can also be placed live in the special section of 1xBet.

The most challenging bets are waiting for you in the sports exchange.

There you will face other players and bet For or Against their bets.

It is important to know what additional options you have when betting. Here we will focus on changing a bet.


When can you edit the e-slip?

1xbet - When can you edit the e-slip?

For 1xBet sports bets, you will see the electronic slip on the right side of the page. It will reflect all the selections you have made. It is also important to know how you can change the data in the slip.

Changes to the slip can be made if you have already made a bet. In addition, there must be certain conditions that this bet must meet in order to make changes to it.

Once you've made a change, be sure to click the Save Changes button to continue with the edited slip.

What conditions must the bet meet in order to be able to edit the slip?

First of all, the requirement is that this bet be single or be an accumulator/ straight column.

The second condition is that the option to sell a slip (popular as cashout) is active.

In addition, we must specify that in order to be able to change an already made bet, you must have made it either in the main Sports section or in the Live section.


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What changes can you make to the e-slip?

You will not be able to change the bet amount once you have specified it. What you can change are the selections themselves. You can make a change to more than one events, which are selected and included in the electronic slip.

Here are the changes you can make to the selections:

- remove selection
- add a selection
- change the selection
- to change the type of bet

Once you make the changes to the selections, the changed bet will be active for the amount of cashout offered to you.

More details about each of the types of changes you can make in the slip.

We have already mentioned the types of changes you can make to the e-slip.

Change bet in 1xBet

 Remove a selection
As we specified, you can make changes, including removing not only one, but several selections. This is done quickly and easily by selecting X against the given selection.

Removing selections is not free. The bookmaker will deduct an amount equal to the amount he deducts when selling a slip (or cashout).

 Add a selection
You can add not only one, but more selections to the slip. Then confirm that you want to change.

With this type of change, the odds for the events will remain unchanged.

Unlike removing selections, adding is free. When adding selections 1xBet does not deduct an amount as a commission.

 Change selection
You can make one or more changes in the electronic slip. But when changing you have to choose a new selection with the same type of market. If the type of market is not the same, you cannot make the change.

Like with the removal of a selection, the change is an option for which 1xBet withholds a commission equal to the amount for the sale of the electronic slip.

Here's an example: for markets below / above, if you bet on more than a certain result, you will only be able to change to a bet on below a certain result.

 Change the type of bet
An example of changing the type of a bet are the changes from a single to an accumulator type bet, or from an accumulator to another type of a bet in a system.

This type of change is not for free, the commission of 1xBet is equal to the amount deducted for cashout.

It is important to know that when you change the type of a bet, the odds are also changed. There is only one type of change in which the odds are retained - when a single bet is changed to an accumulator battery type bet.

 If the bet is insured, you cannot make changes to the slip
1xBet offers betting insurance. The insurance can be up to 100%, or it can be a smaller percentage. Insurance means that if the bet is successful, you will be deducted the amount of insurance. And in case of a losing bet, you will not lose the entire bet amount.

To verify that your bet is insured, "My bets" must indicate that it is insured. If you see this option available, you will not be able to change your bet.

If you place a bet with bonus funds, you will not be able to change the bet.

In principle, you can also place bets with funds won as bonuses. But for such bets the option to change does not apply.

If you have used partial closing, you cannot change the bet either.

When using the Partial Close option for a given bet, you cannot make changes to the slip.


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On the 1xBet site and according to the conditions you will be able to make changes to your bets. This is an option that can be found with few online bookmakers and is another of the many advantages in favor of 1xBet.

Conditions for the possibility of change include the following:

- The bet must be single or accumulative.
- Must have an active option for cashout, or slip selling.

This is an option you can use for bets in the Sports and Live sections.

Restrictions include the following:

- You have not used bonus funds.
- You have not insured the bet.
- You have not used partial closing for this bet.

You can add, remove, change selections or change the type of bet. The first option is free, and for the other three you will be charged a commission equal to the amount 1xBet deducts for cashout.

The ability to change the e-slip for already placed bets is an additional opportunity to change things in your favor, for example when watching a live sporting event, when developments suggest that you can make some changes in the selections or change the type of bet.

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