Casino with real croupiers

Casino with real croupiers


1xBet - Casino with real croupiers


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1xBet - Casino with real croupiers

In the casino section of the Russian bookmaker 1xBet the choice of games for the fans of this type of games is big.

The slots are numerous, and you also have a choice of table games and other types, as well as a live casino with real croupiers.

1xBet offers its own live gaming studios from the end of 2017.

Whenever you decide to indulge in captivating games with the participation of croupiers from a real studio, you will be immersed in the comfortable and homely atmosphere of the casino. 

 You must have Flash Player installed for this section

As your game will be accompanied by a live picture, you must have Flash Player installed in order to be able to observe and communicate with the croupiers.

 Who are the most popular providers of live casino games for 1xBet?

Who are the most popular providers of live casino games for 1xBet?

As you will see from the list on the left side of the page, the number of providers is large.

At the time of writing, 18 suppliers are included here. It is important to mention some more popular names, such as Evolution Gaming, Vivo Gaming, HOGaming and others well known game entertainment providers.

 Open and view the live casino section

On the 1xBet page, above, you will see a horizontal bar with links to the different sections of the bookmaker. The fifth link, after the Casino title, is Live Casino. Click on it to open the live casino.

Here you will receive an invitation to win part of the prize fund - at the time of writing this article the proce is $ 10,000! Another attractive offer, welcoming the opening of this section, is for a 5% cashback.

Below the top part with the offers for participation for the prize fund and cashback, let's take a look at the offers you will find in this section.

 List of game types

On the left you will see a filter with which you can choose to see the games according to two criteria - favorite games or recently played ones. If you wish, you can clear the filter and do a new sort.

Below the filter are the categories of games in the live casino. You can choose to view all games, popular or new games. The types sections follow.

These include: Blackjack, Baccarat, Jackpot, Poker, Roulette, and there is a "Others" section.

This way you will easily find the preferred type of games and choose from them, to review which games are popular at the moment, which are new.

For players who are interested in knowing the title of the provider of the games, this information is available in the list of suppliers.

The large choice of popular games and the participation of real croupiers will make your time worth spending at 1xBet.

 Detailed list of live casino games

Most of the page after the section with the offer for participation in the prize fund and the information about cashback is occupied by the windows with the games inside them.

Here at the top you will first see a search box and the well-known magnifying glass symbol. Use it if you are looking for a specific game to save time. Then there are the titles of the individual types, that is, in addition to the left side of the page, you can also choose from here whether to see the popular, new, all, etc.

You will also see additional information for each game. For some games there is a tempting 11% cashback offer. You will also see the name of the company that developed the game.

Just note that you will not find a virtual casino in this section. But the offers at Live Casino are more than attractive and sufficient.

Here are some of the new suggestions at the time of writing:

- Lightning Dice - Evolution Gaming, Blaze - Live Roulette, Three Card Poker - Super Spade, Blackjack 3, Blackjack 6, Blackjack 7

 When you choose a live casino gaming platform

When you choose a live casino gaming platform

With this choice you will be able to view the rooms or tables for the games. You will see either all the suggestions or just some of them. It depends on the choice of the platform.

When you select a game room, you will see the limit amount for the bets. Because the number of players is limited for some games, such as blackjack, there may not be room available at any one time.

To see all this data, select the game and a new page will open with this game. 

 When you open a window with a selected game

You will first see the tables and the situation, depending on the game you have chosen and its type.

On the right side of the opened window that occupies most of the page space, at the top is the close window symbol.

Below it follow the symbols for:

- Open in a separate window
- Show full screen
- Update
- Add to Favorites
- Demo / full mode 

You can choose full screen display for the most realistic experience. An update may be required if your Internet connection is slow.

And if you prefer to see the demo version of the game first, you can easily do this by selecting the appropriate symbol.

 Some games may require the use of US dollars

When depositing on the site 1xBet offers a large number of methods, with the possibility of depositing in different currencies. This is convenient for players from different countries.

But with some live casino games, you will find that the deposit is only accepted in US dollars. That is, you will need to confirm that your balance will be recalculated in that currency.


It is important to get an impression of all the possibilities of online casino games to try and play live games.

What better place than the live casino section at 1xBet?

Here the choice of games is large enough, with all the main games as well as additional ones, and the search is extremely facilitated by the filter and the sections shown both on the left and above.

Especially when you choose to show the studio in full screen, you will fully enjoy the communication with the croupiers and the game in the studio in which you participate from home or elsewhere, through an online connection.

Casino bonuses are also not to be missed and will motivate you to play.

If you are interested in games from a specific provider, look for the list of game providers on the left side of the page.

Both well-known regular player vendors and newer names are on the list.

Don't forget to combine the game in this section with the benefits of 1xBet bonuses.

Check what bonuses you can use at the moment.

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