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1xBet - Bet insurance


1xBet - Bet insurance


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1xBet - Bet insurance

Some players may be surprised when online betting insurance gets mentioned. Especially if they have just recently started participating in sports betting on bookmaking sites. In addition, this insurance option is not offered by many bookmakers.

It is worth trying it out and using it in online bookmaking sites that strive to provide more benefits to their customers.

So do not be afraid and go ahead and bet on the 1xBet site. One of the few online bookmakers concerned with reducing player losses through the usage of an insurance option.

You will be convinced by all the advantages an insurance will give you based on your oun bets.

 What does 1xBet bet insurance bring to players?

What does 1xBet bet insurance bring to players?

When you place your bets with the selected odds, you can insure those bets. The insurance can be up to 100%.

That is, you can make partial insurance or full, 100%.

The bookmaker deducts a certain amount for each insurance. If the bet you have insured is successful, you will receive the amount of the full profit, but the amount of the insurance itself will be deducted.

If a bet you have made loses, you will still be deducted the amount of insurance, but you will get back the amount you bet. That is, your loss will not be as great as with an uninsured bet.

You can choose the option you prefer, with or without insurance, but it is definitely more profitable to insure your bets so as not to incur a complete loss in the event of a bet failure.

You will be able to see the Insure option in "My Bets" , then you can insure a bet. If you do not see this option available it meansit, that it is a bet that you cannot insure.

 How to insure a bet in 1xBet

You can start the insurance process from your slip on the site.

When you place a bet on an event, you must select My bets in the slip.

The event you have already bet on will be displayed here.

Select the blue "Insure" button.

 What does the amount of insurance depend on?

The amount of the sum insured depends on the coefficient for your selection.

When you select Insure, a window with the insurance number will open.

You will be able to select the percentage with which you want to insure the bet by dragging on the horizontal percentage line. This is a calculator that will calculate the amount of insurance according to the circumstances of the bet.

After selecting the percentage below, you will see the amount of insurance.

Below you will see a green Insurance button, after pressing the button the insurance is made. The sum insured will be deducted from your balance.

When using all betting opportunities in 1xBet, the bookmaker's terms and conditions must be noted. If you have not complied with any of them, you will not be able to successfully go through the insurance process and accordingly you will not have an insured bet.

 Cancellation of insurance in case of technical problems

Unfortunately, bad Internet connection, as well as in general, can cause a technical problem. For insurance made at that time, there is a risk that it will be canceled. The winnings or losses from the bets are then calculated according to the general conditions.

 Special conditions applicable to insurance

1xBet - Special conditions applicable to insurance

1xBet has special conditions related to bet insurance.

We will look at them so that you can have enough information about what mistakes you should not make when insuring a bet.

First of all, as we have already mentioned, in case of a losing bet, you will get back only the insured amount, but not the amount of the insurance.

You can only insure on single bets and on accumulator bets.

If you bet through systems, you will not be able to use the insurance option.

 Several insurances on one bet

The maximum insurance you can make on the amount you bet is 100%. But you can also make several partial insurances, and the sum of their percentages should not be more than 100. For example, if you insure for 40%, then for 60%, the sum of the percentages of both will be 100%.


As in other areas outside of sports betting, insurance is a way to ensure less loss, so 1xBet offer is worth it.

Even when the book keeps the sum insured, you will get your bet back if it is losing bet. And if your bet is winning, you will be deducted the amount of insurance, but you can rest assured that you are not at risk of losing the full amount.

The conditions offered by 1xBet for insurance are clear, without tricks and hidden additional amounts.

This is an opportunity that is very suitable for use by newly registered players with no experience or little experience, as long as they gain enough impressions and get used to the unique nature of online betting.

1xBet bet insurance is another of the many advantages that have won and are gaining and gaining more and more customers at this bookmaker.

For experienced players who are tempted by higher-risk bets due to high odds, it is also an advantage to use insurance to prevent a complete loss of the bet amount. Thus, they can more easily indulge in the pleasure of risky betting on events with high odds.

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