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1xBet - Bet Constructor

1xBet is one of the fastest growing bookmakers and offers a huge variety of betting options. The Russian company provides to their  customers a variety of betting options on its website, such as - sporting events, virtual sports, Esports, casino, live games and more! Initially, the bookmaker started own business through local outlets, but later created and launched its online platform.

The 1xBet site definitely impresses with its features and functionalities, one of which is the “Make a bet” or Bet Constructor option. In this review, we will pay detailed attention to everything related to the Bet Constructor of 1xBet and will give you clarity about the conventions and specifics of this option.

 What is “Bet Constructor” in 1xBet?

The "Bet Constructor" feature is found in some of the biggest names on the market, but it is still not very popular. For different bookmakers, the option is called differently, and the name in 1xBet is Bet Constructor. For all companies that have integrated it into their platforms, the function has the same purpose - it combines separate and different markets for one event. The odds are standard, and you can also use the feature for live betting, which makes it extremely useful. In addition, there is one important condition here - you can not include single-match combinations and other markets, as the slip created by Bet Constructor is bet individually.

The bookmaker has created some additional conditions when using the option, one of which is that not all events can be combined. The constructor is activated automatically for all football matches, but keep in mind that quite often not all markets are included in the function.

 Main advantages of the "Bet Constructor" option in 1xBet

- With the "Bet Constructor" function you can combine different selections for the same match, and in one single bet with a total odds;
- You do not need to look for several different matches in an attempt to collect a higher odds. All you have to do is use the Bet Constructor and focus on one;
- You can make a variety of combinations for which 1xBet will offer you incredible odds;
- Possibility for a large number of combined bets;
- Variety and wide range of markets;

 How to use Bet Constructor in 1xBet?

In the following lines we will show you step by step how to use the function, and we will also pay attention to the rules and some of the restrictions that the bookmaker has set. 

 How to create a bet using Bet Constructor in 1xBet?

- Log in to the 1xbet website, for which you will need to use a VPN, as the bookmaker is not available in some countries and you need to change your location (IP address) to one of the following countries: Canada, Malta, Ukraine, Norway and each and every country in Latin America;
- After entering the site and selecting the event for which you want to use the "Bet Constructor" function, press the green button depicting a construction crane - "Bet Constructor", located on the right side of your screen, below the information board for the match;
- When you click it, a new window will load with the buttons "Add Market" and "Send to Fiche";
- "Add market" allows you to add a variety of markets and combine their ratios. You have a large selection of markets, such as - match result, double chance, total goals, exact result and much more;
- When you select the markets you want to participate in the slip, press the button - "Send in slip";
- Your slip will be loaded on the right side of the screen, and below it is the field for selecting the amount you will play with;
- When you select the amount, click on - "Make a bet" and you're done!

 Types of betting markets via the "Bet Constructor" option in 1xBet

The Russian bookmaker definitely offers a huge selection of betting markets in its Betconstructor. This is certainly very popular with people, considering that only a few years ago it was not possible to use more than one market for an event. Today 1xBet gives us the opportunity to bet on up to over 10 different markets at the same time with which to focus on just one sporting event.

 1xBet Bet Constructor betting options

Match result; Double chance; Total goals; Total team goals; Handicap on goals; Exact number of goals; Exact number of goals (team); Exact result; Total corners; Total team corners; Corner Handicap; Exact number of corners; Exact number of corners (team); Cardboard; Goals - Even / Odd; Result of the match by knocks on the door frame; Total knocks on the door; Impact handicap within the door; Exact number of blows within the door; Outcome of the ambush match; Total ambushes; Ambush handicap; Exact number of ambushes.

 How the odds in the “Bet Constructor” of 1xBet are formed

This function is actually a straight column, the coefficients of the markets added to the slip are multiplied by each other. The odds themselves are almost always the same as those of the bookmaker's ready-made markets, and there are cases where you can play at higher odds if you use Betconstructor and not play each market separately.

As 1xBet gives choises to his customers   to bet on multiple markets at the same time for one event, the more markets you include in your slip, the more the odds and the money you will play for will grow.

Also, the amount you "put" on the slip is multiplied by the odds and this is the last piece of the puzzle, which forms your potential profit.

 Opinion and evaluation

The "Bet Constructor" function is an interesting offer from 1xBet, allowing you to combine several different selections for a given match, in a single slip.

If you are confident in a match and its development, this feature definitely predisposes you and makes your betting easier. When using regular betting we are limited to choosing only one selection in one sporting event, while with the Bet constructor function, we have the freedom to combine a huge number of different markets and thus increase both our chances of winning and the amount we can absorb. in favorable circumstances.

If you are a fan of football betting, we think it is definitely worth trying this service from 1xBet, giving you freedom of action and great opportunities for winnings.

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More information


This feature is currently only available for football bets, and we hope to see it ready to use for other sporting events soon.
If you have used the Bet constructor option, it is not possible to withdraw your funds earlier. You have to wait until the final development of the meeting and then "collect" your eventual profit.
In this case, the entire slip is valued at odds of 1.00 and you will get your bet back.
You can play simultaneously with up to over 10 different markets. This is one of the biggest advantages of 1xBet Betconstructor.