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Basketball is one of the most prefered sports for both fans and gamblers. Meetings in this sport abound with events where attractive bets can be made.

1xBet, an increasingly established bookmaker with interesting offers, has a special section in its sports section dedicated to basketball.

What you will find as betting offers, betting options and odds, it is worth visiting the basketball section of the 1xBet sports section often or regularly.

In addition to the Sports section, you will also find offers in the Live section, and 1xBet also offers a betting exchange, where you can also bet on basketball.

 Open the basketball tab from the Sports section

1xbet - Open the basketball tab from the Sports section

In the upper horizontal menu bar you will first see the Sports section. Click on it to open the sports.

Here you will also see a horizontal bar with a menu from which you can choose the sport you are interested in.

 Must see the Basketball which  is in third place, after football and tennis.

Click on the basketball symbol and you will open the basketball matches tab.

     Here are  includes all the meetings for the day as well as for the next few days ahead. As with other sports, the ranking of events is by championships and tournaments.

This way you will easily be able to first select the championship you are watching, and from it you can choose to show the upcoming matches.

Another option for arranging basketball matches is by start time or by days.

To achieve such an arrangement, use the Filter button, which you will see at the top left. Clicking on the button opens a window in which you must select an hourly filter or by day.

You can see the meetings that will be held up to 6 days after the current day.

 View statistics and betting options for each event

As with other sports, you will have a button through which you can view the statistics for both teams.

It will be useful for you to choose the right bet and odds.

The odds for the main markets are displayed in the order of the given meeting, and you can also view all the offered markets by pressing the review button.

The number of markets offered for basketball events is more than large - it can reach more than 100 for most of the more interesting matches, and for some it exceeds 200.

 Types of bets on basketball matches

 Among the most offered types of bets you will find the following:

- bet of the final winner in the match
- bet on the total number of points for the given match
- bet on the number of points for the given team
- bet on the results for the quarter

as well as numerous special bets for players.

 Odds for basketball matches

1xBet odds are generally known to be very good. This attracts many players, including fans of basketball bets.

It is enough to compare the bookmaker's offers with those of competing betting sites.

Combine the excellent odds offers with the many types of bets to achieve unique experiences when betting on basketball events on the site.

 Live basketball bets at 1xBet

Live basketball bets at 1xBet

Live betting is among the most sought after because of the ability to follow the progress of the match and bet at that time.

To find suggestions for such bets on basketball matches, you need to open the Live section. You will find it in the upper horizontal menu bar, after the Football section.

And here, after opening the section, you will see a horizontal menu bar above, from which you can choose sports. Basketball is again in third place, after football and tennis. Open the tab for this sport by clicking on Basketball.

The matches broadcast live are shown by championships. As they are currently being held, the current result will be shown to each of them.

For some of the matches you will see the LIVE icon, which means that it is the betting exchange.

It will be recalled that because in this section bets are placed on matches currently being played, the markets change depending on how the match unfolds.

 Championships for which 1xBet offers bets

Championships for which 1xBet offers bets

For the fans who are  leading leagues such as the NBA have the opportunity to bet on matches in them.

Other championships that arouse great interest are the Euroleague and the Eurocup.

In addition, traditionally strong and in the center of attention are strong championships of countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Greece, Turkey.

We will add  and other international basketball matches, which are presented in the Basketball section in the Sports section of 1xBet.

So,  you willl have a great choice, from which you will find the championships and matches you are interested in, on which to bet.

 Basketball bets on the 1xBet sports exchange

You will open the betting exchange by positioning the cursor on Sports in the upper horizontal bar. There, in the list that will open, select Betting Exchange.

Let's remind,  for beginners to explain that in the exchange players bet against other players. When you select an offer, you can bet For or Against.

Here the odds are determined by the players who offer bets.

You won't have any problems with the variety of meeting offers. But regarding the markets, we need to clarify that they are not as many as in the Basketball section in the Sports section. You will usually find bets as the winner of the match, total points, handicap.

Here the odds for the bets are higher then in the Sports section, but the risk is also higher. Experienced players are usually tempted to place basketball bets on the exchange.


For basketball bets you have a wide variety of options on the 1xBet website.

First of all, in the Sports section, in the section for basketball matches, not only the number of matches, but also the odds and types of bets are many.

The stakes of live basketball events are tempting. You have the opportunity for such bets in the Live section. There is even more interest in the meetings, for which a live picture is offered.

And last but not least are the offers in the 1xBet sports exchange. The interesting thing here is that not the bookmaker, but other players make offers for bets on which you can bet For or Against an event to happen. Consider whether high odds are tempting if you don't want to take a big risk. On the other hand, these bets are probably the most interesting.

In addition, in the absence of real basketball events, you can try virtual sports betting, which is characterized by speed and good opportunities.

For basketball players, 1xBet is an online bookmaker whose offers are interesting, varied and worthwhile.

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