1xBet - Account Limit

1xBet - Account Limit


1xBet - Account Limit


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Limiting, or restricting, an account is annoying and it's good to know how to avoid it.

Players at the 1xBet online bookmaker who have not been able to do so may not have thought about the problem, but some players may come to this measure.

We will look at the conditions under which the bookmaker decides to restrict a player's account.


 One of the popular guesses about the reason for limiting the account

In fact, these conditions are similar for different online bookers.

It is most often believed that when players start winning more than the amount they lose when betting on the bookmaker's site, their accoung gets limited. This is a guess, so we will not pay attention to it, especially since at 1xBet such cases are not observed.

 The conditions set by 1xBet for the use of the site must be noticed

We will remind you, however, that whenever the players act not in accordance with the conditions of use of the site, the bookmaker may take sanctions. You should be aware of the conditions imposed by 1xBet on players so as not to violate them, albeit unintentionally.

In the case of minor violations, there is a limit, but if the violation is major, the player's registration on the site can even be blocked and he can no longer place bets.

The limitation is also based on illegal betting through the 1xBet mobile app.


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 Do not register only in order to use all possible bonuses and promotions

1xBet - Account Limit

The principle of betting is based on information that the player has about individual athletes or teams, and at random.

When applying strategies like this - registration only for the use of bonuses, this is evident and the sanction from the book will not be delayed. Avoid such strategies because they will not play in your favor.

Players are expected to bet mainly on favorite teams and athletes in order to check how well they know their game and can predict future results of sporting events with their participation.

The element of surprise is always present and there is a certain risk of loss. This is one of the reasons why online betting is so popular.

Those who register only to use the big 1xBet bonuses and immediately apply for all promotions are not typical players and do not act in accordance with the conditions set by the book.

The same rules also apply to the use of other sections of 1xBet - casino games, poker, etc. They also show dishonest strategies and you may also run the risk of limiting your account.

 Read the conditions for withdrawing funds from winnings and do not withdraw too often

Limiting an account in 1xBet

Normally, everyone decides when to withdraw their profits, but the bookmaker has withdrawal requirements which a player must also be familiar with.

First of all, we remind you that with each withdrawal 1xBet may ask you to verify your account if it has not requested this so far.

This means that you must present a scanned copy of a personal document to verify your identity.

The request may appear as a message on the site itself, or it may be emailed to you.

It is important that you send the scanned copy of the ID as soon as possible, otherwise you will not be able to make the scheduled withdrawal.

It should also be noted that with each withdrawal, the bookmaker pays a certain amount for the money transfer. Therefore, very frequent withdrawals are unprofitable for them, and if you withdraw amounts very often in 1xBet, you can expect your account to be limited.

When is the limit expressed in lower odds?

Such a risk arises if the player makes successful bets by betting large amounts.

Limiting is a measure by which the book tries to reduce its possible future losses.

The most successful customers with large bets are monitored, and the odds offered to them for bets are slightly lower, by about 0.1.

 If the bookie has suspicions of attempted fraud by a player

As already mentioned, betting and games on bookmakers, including 1xBet, are based on chance.

If the bookie's staff suspects that a player is using fraudulent tactics and methods, his/her account will be limited until it is determined whether this is the case.

We remind you again that such tactics and methods are undesirable and pose great risks, including that of deleting the registration of such players on the site.

 In conclusion

Adherence to the conditions set by 1xBet guarantees you protection against risks of limitation or even deletion of your account.

Play fair to enjoy the excitement of online betting and games in the bookstore sections, take advantage of promotions and bonuses, but not as the sole purpose of using the site.

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