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2023-02-07 16:24:11
Types of bonuses and how to use them.

Bonuses are the much needed incentives of high rollers which keep them playing. They can be seasonal if the bonus is a sports one or casino-related. Some of them are even awarded after registering with the casino. It all boils down to the type of game you desire to play and whether you play your cards right. On this occasion,  we offer a rundown of all the essential details surrounding the most mainstream of bonuses in the online casino space. 

Registration bonus

Registration bonuses (a.k.a "welcome bonuses")  are the first treat of every newcomer to any online casino. Upon registering, the bonus is immediately loaded into your account without you having to do anything else. The special twist that this sort of bonus brings is that no single registration bonus is like the other. A welcome bonus’ value is determined entirely by the bookmaker, so you have to carefully acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions of each casino, as well as the variety of bonuses available on the betting market.

Some incentives include: 

-  100 free spins on slots.

-  Up to $100 in bonuses on sports betting.

Payment Method bonus

Given the massive gamut of payment methods each casino provides, it’s no wonder you will get pampered for the type of  payment provider you use. This sort of bonus is mainly awarded if a casino wants to encourage players to use a specific payment method, most often e-wallets for cryptocurrencies. By opting for a particular type of payment, you promote and support the said system. Coming across such a bonus, however, isn’t as common and so it should be sough in crypto casinos mainly.  

Loyalty Bonus / VIP Bonus

For the most avid of hustlers, the loyalty bonus is designed to pamper you with a myriad of bonuses, which you earn the more you play at your casino of choice. Pretty much every casino has a loyalty/VIP program where you climb a ladder of increasingly generous bonuses.

Each division of these programs offers higher returns in the form of: 

-  Cashbacks.

-  Cash bonus.

-  Earnings boost on slots.

-  Free spins.

-  Increased odds.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus look a bit cheeky at first glance, but make no mistake—this bonus is packed! Players receive this bonus after investing a certain amount into the system. It usually comes right after the sign-up bonus and is in the range between 60% to 100% on your deposit  amount. This means that if, let’s say, you put in $50 with a 100% return bonus, your account will be credited with another $50. It’s simple as that!

Nevertheless, this bonus, like all others, comes with a batch of conditions you must get familiar with. One of them is that every casino has its return on deposit capped at a particular amount. This means that if a casino offers a 60% return on deposits, the return will work up to a limited amount, let’s say $100, and trying to put in a larger sum in attempt to get a higher return won’t work. For this reason, we advise all future punters to get to know the fine print before opening their wallets. 

Sports Bonus

The sports bonus is a core element in the incentive programs of every casino. There is no self-respecting bookmaker that doesn’t offer one. These bonuses are not just the most diverse in nature, they are also heavy on monetary rewards.

The most common leagues to include bonuses are: 

-  FIFA, Copa Americana, La Liga, Premiere League, Bundes League, NFL, NBA, FIBA, NHL, Australia/US Open...

-  E-sports championships (most popular are League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, and CS:GO)

And whatever other popular championship you could think of! The key to every bonus is that you can only claim it while the championship lasts and under specific conditions. Bookies will ask you to put in a minimum amount of money if you want to qualify for the bonus, or would like you to add 3 different games on a loss or win if you want to be eligible for the bonus. 

Bonuses can vary significantly from casino to casino, but the overall picture involves bonuses such as: 

-  Cashback bonus.

-  Double or Tripple Odds.

-  VIP bonus.

-  Earnings boost.

-  Return on consecutive losses.

Not to mention that each provider puts out their own unique bonus schemes each month. To be always in the know about the latest and greatest bonuses, you should always check in with the blog section of every website.

Casino bonuses 

Just like sports bonuses, casino bonuses are in a league of their own. Their variety and frequency depends either on the bookmaker or the provider.

Individual providers may offer bonuses in the likes of: 

-  VIP Cashback for devoted players who want to climb the casino ladder. 

-  Weekly tournaments set up by the developer. These vary in rewards, formats, and time limits. Tournaments are limited opportunities to earn big money with very little at stake. 

-  Consecutive loss - a feature which returns a huge portion of the betting amount you have lost on a particular number of bets. Most casinos require you to have lost 10 bets or more in order to qualify for the bonus. 

-  Casino Challenges - a set of predetermined results by the casino which you can bet agains. If the casino’s guess turns out to be wrong, you are in for amazing prizes and rewards. 

We can go on for longer, but it would be futile. Every casino, in a combined effort with the providers, is able to churn out bonus scheme after bonus scheme. If you want to have your finger on the pulse for the most recent bonuses, keep up with casino777pro’s Bonuses page.

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