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2023-07-28 14:39:58
Top 5 best slot machine games to look out for

It doesn’t matter who’s playing a seasoned pro or a complete rookie slot machines are the go-to way to get you started on your casino adventure. You would think that making a ‘Top 5’ list would be difficult as there are thousands upon thousands of titles out there, but you would be wrong. While there is a multitude of versions to choose from, some developers have created some smashing titles that you can find in almost every casino. In this article, we’ll go through those very same titles that are the first picks of many slot lovers.


NetEnt has put out a hit title that dazzles the player with stunning visuals and quick gameplay. You can begin your journey by putting down a single dollar or $100. Apart from the handy design, there is the fact that this game has three rows, five reels, and exactly 10 different pay lines. One of these is called Wild," which gives you three extra spins. And, finally, the piece of info you’ve been waiting for - the game boasts an RTP of 96%, which means you’ll definitely be earning some cash here! 

Fruity slots

A classic example of a slot machine is fruity slots. This is not the exact name of a single game, but the broad theme in which games such as 40 Super Hot or 100 Super Hot take place. It’s an aesthetically pleasing branch of games with 3 to 5 reels, and a simple symbol scheme consisting of fruit and the number 7, a star, or a bell. Without doubt, fruity slots have shaped our perception of casino games and will keep bringing awesome returns. 

Book of the Dead 

And not just the Book of the Dead; the whole Egyptian catalogue the Book of Ra, Ancient Egypt, the Scarab, the Sphinx is a feast to your eye. The 2D visuals bring all of Ancient Egypt’s deities into the game. It has five reels and 10 total pay lines. The Wild feature is also present here and gives you up to 10 free spins. If you have been under the sway of Ancient Egypt’s history, you would appreciate the attention to detail brought to the game.

Uncharted Seas

Have you ever had a dream of sailing across unknown territory and fighting mythical creatures? Uncharted Seas is the game of your adventurous dreams, where you get the chance to slay marine beasts all while making bank. The game is a standard 5 reels by 3 rows and offers 25 different lines.

Arabian Nights

Created by NetEnt studios, Arabian Nights is part of a long-running series featuring Arabic lore and motives. First released in 2005, it has garnered a handsome following from the online community, and with an RTP of over 95.62%, it’s easy to see why! The game is widely available in almost every gambling venue, both online and on-site.

Responsible play

You may consider strategic betting to ensure better earnings and fewer losses, but there is also a psychological element in wanting to not take pot luck at all times. Playing responsibly doesn’t simply mean capping your budget before entering a casino. It’s about making wise decisions about when and how to gamble.

Don’t gamble emotionally.

If you are up for making bad decisions, please take that intention outside the gambling hall. Playing under stress will be the death penalty of your finances, mental health, and even relationships. As humans, we often make the mistake of taking alternative remedial routes in lieu of going to therapy, and gambling is one of them. Playing under stress or sorrow will only induce losses and aggravate your mental state. 

Don’t go in with all your money.

Just because the slot machines featured above boast awesome RTPs doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed you’ll always be within that percentage. Now think about all the PvP games, such as poker and baccarat, that set you against players of various skill levels. You are better off stashing a good portion of your budget somewhere away from your gambling eyes.

Trust customer reviews.

Falling into the trap of a scam is not out of the question. You can easily be misled by false advertising or a paid review, so check out customer reviews by people who actually experienced the platform or game first-hand.

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