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2023-03-28 08:46:46
Things you should know before Playing at Online Casinos

At their core, all gambling websites are the same. They provide an exciting experience that can now be taken anywhere you go! On the outside, all of them sport flashy, iridescent colours and offer big prizes, but every hustler should be aware of the specifics, which you can’t observe at a regular casino. 

Betting limits

Let’s say that you can go into every average casino and have the opportunity to bet your phone, TV, or even house. Everything is off-limits. But at most online venues, there are glass ceilings that you just can’t top. At every casino, there are betting limits to ensure the equal distribution of prizes across different games. These betting limits could range from $100 to $100,000 depending on the game, casino, or provider. 

On top of that, there is something called a ‘return limit," which caps the return amount on your bet. Let’s say that you bet on a football game whose odds are 4:1. In that case, the odds may be multiplied only up to a certain sum (e.g., $100). Any bets placed beyond that margin, won’t boost your returns, and you’ll end up spending more money than you actually should.

Free-to-play games

A perk of online casinos that regular ones can’t replicate is that you can play demos without having to put a single token inside. 

The most popular games that have the feature are slot machines, which can be tested at any time. It doesn’t matter if you are registered or not. All you need is to click Free Play and try the game for yourself. 

But what could be said for other games? While there are rarely demo versions for games such as poker (in that scenario, it would be called co-op vs. AI), a handful of casinos allow you to play in real-life games where you can place zero bets. Because you don’t contribute anything, you always don’t lose anything in the process. 

Withdrawal and deposit limits 

Just like you have betting limits, bookies also tell you when to stop pouring or taking money out of the system. In most cases, you won’t  have a deposit limit. I mean, which casino wouldn’t want their customers to keep investing in their bank? However, for most venues there is a standard minimum sum of $1.5 you can’t withdraw under. This is a sensible limit, as transaction fees sometimes even exceed $1.5. 

Analysing games

It is difficult to get insider information with regular casinos, whereas things are a bit different with online ones. Right now, you have forums and Telegram chatrooms where everyone is sharing what the most profitable titles are, which tournaments are worth it, and which are the no-go zones. Even games that you think are fully luck-dependent could be slightly cracked with the help of a solid strategy or insider advice.

Responsible play

-  Responsibly playing is simply highly applicable advice that won’t turn you into a poker master, but it would facilitate your way towards that! 

-  Track your finances. A major mistake new casino players make is that they still perceive their gambling money as part of their regular finances; whereas, in reality, gambling money should be considered lost even before you start betting. The key to gambling, after all, is playing for the win and not to keep your money. Only when you go for the win will you keep and increase your funds. 

-  Clear your mind. Every brick-and-mortar casino will offer free drinks to its players, but the benefit of online casinos is that there is no great push or incentive to drink. This gives you the competitive advantage of playing at a regular casino because your mind will be clear at all times.

-  Gambling is for fun. Gambling is entertainment and not a profession. You will hear stories of people who’ve become wizards at playing poker or blackjack, and bagged millions of dollars from tournaments. But unless you have someone behind your back to fund your multiple losses, you are better off putting in small sums and getting the most fun out of it.

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