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2023-01-11 13:44:06
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Slots are an all-time classic, and their popularity hasn’t budged since their creation. With the advent of virtual technology, they are even experiencing something of a renaissance. The vivid colours and animations that daub classic slot machines are now available on your computer screen, so it’s time you learned how to make the most of them. 

What are the online slot machines? 

Slot machines  are every newbie’s introduction to gambling. They are easy to understand and operate.  You simply pull the lever and wait for the right combinations of numbers and images to appear. With some online slots, you are free to put down whatever amount of cash you want, which means the earning potential varies between different slot machines. 

Slots variety

Speaking of different slot machines, no two slot games are the same. To the untrained eye, all of them look the same. Every slot game depicts either 2D or 3D animations, has some sort of plot that develops as you play and earn more, and offers a variety of in-game bonuses. However, different providers would install different software inside the game. Even games developed by the same company would operate on an entirely different infrastructure, so there is no way of detecting a paradigm in the games of the bigger providers. 

How to win at slots? 

If there is no chance of detecting how each game operates, how do you devise a winning strategy? 

While there is no tried-and-tested method for winning at slots, many would argue casino gaming is a matter of tactful betting. For slots in particular, here’s what strategy you can employ: 

1. Get to know the providers

Like we said earlier, every slot machine is different and comes with different themes, soundtracks, features, and also  Return to Player (RTP) rates. A smart move would be to check out the RTP% of a machine before you open you wallet. 

2.  Play some demos first

Almost every casino offers free-to-play (or demo) slots which allow you to test out the games before you financially commit to them.  They are fun, have the same features as the real thing, and will get you comfortable around the controls.  One red herring to worry about is that demo games aren’t really a true reflection of paid slots. Keep in mind the real game could be twice as difficult to crack and the provider might be giving you an easy time in the demo version. In other words, free-to-play versions are for practice only. 

3. Study the symbols

Slot machines vary in symbols and signs - what a lucky number 7 would give you in one slot machine won’t yield the same earnings in another.  That’s why every slot machine has a pay table that shows the correlation between images and earnings.

4.Keep tabs on your budget

Never get those reels spinning before you are familiar with the minimum and maximum bets you can make with a certain provider. Some casinos, for example, have capped their returns on betting, which means that no matter how much you put on a game, your earnings won’t increase after a certain amount. If you don’t read the terms and conditions of each game, you might end up spending more than you need to. 

5. Aim small, earn big

Wether it’s a brick and mortar casino or an online one, it’s widely known that ludicrous odds aren’t always realised and could tempt punters to impulsively pour in great amounts of cash. A good rule of thumb for many high rollers is to strategically place a myriad of smaller bets, as they try to figure out which slot machine has the most consistent returns.

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