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2023-03-09 23:12:28
What is Responsible Gambling?

Rolling dice, spinning the reels of a slot machine, seeing that little ball land on the colour you want - even non-punters are familiar with the sight of hustlers hunched over a machine or poker table. Gambling has been the entertainment of both kings and plebs, and now it is available to us, which makes it the absolute pitfall for those who can’t stay in control. So how can we avoid falling for a scam or slipping into the unhealthy habit of excessive gambling? 

Responsible Gambling Initiatives 

Already, there are numerous initiatives pledging to bring responsible gambling to the table by encouraging both land-based and online bookies to establish evidence-based and proven standards for responsible gambling. These standards may include ensuring that all casino staff, be it online or on-site - is properly trained and abides by all standard casino rules; improving advertising that doesn’t mislead prospective punters; designing a virtual playground that does not induce impulsive gambling, and other policies aiming to prevent reckless play. 

How to take personal responsibility? 

While policymakers and organisations are looking for a way to define the ultimate rules for responsible punting, you have to take some measures into your own hands to ensure that gambling stays fun and enjoyable. 

In most cases, gambling creeps into our lives in the most candid of moments; like when a group of friends invites you over to a poker party of which you didn’t expect much. A huge portion of inveterate punters would admit to you that gambling entered their lives out of nowhere and stayed around like a seemingly harmless uninvited guest.

Once you figure out that gambling is here to stay, you can take several vital steps to ensure its presence won’t have a negative toll on your life: 

1. Don’t gamble when emotionally distraught or stressed!

In a lot of times of emotional distress, we slip into poor habits. Some of us drink till we black out, and others chain-smoke a pack of cigarettes. However, there are many stories of people losing everything overnight, so it’s important to exercise some rational control over your decision to gamble. 

2. Cut down on alcohol or other intoxicants during punting sessions. 

Old-school casinos like the ones you get in Las Vegas or Atlantic City serve free alcohol to all players. Though it could be fun at first, mixing gambling and alcohol is never a good strategy if you are looking to strike big cash. Unless you have set aside some money to burn and you’re there just for the thrill, fine, have a drink on top, but don’t engage in heavy drinking if you intend to return from the casino with bags of cash.  

3. Understand how each game functions. 

Getting to grips with the mechanics of a game is vital if you want to make your success long lasting. Otherwise, you’ll be clinging to your ‘beginner’s luck’ until it runs dry which will send you on a spiral of frustration with every subsequent loss. 

4. Set yourself a healthy budget limit.  

Gamble for too long and you’ll regret it. Gamble too little and you won’t feel the buzz of it. So, the decision is to establish a budget that is enough to fund a fun time. If you can’t  trust yourself with setting up a budget, then consider online tools that monitor your spending and can even cap your expenditure. 

5. Gambling isn’t investing. 

Whatever the concept of it, gambling is entertainment. You are not a day trader, nor a venture capitalist. You’re putting money down to test your luck, and amusement should be the only thing you get out of it. And this ties in with our next tip.

6. If it stops being fun, stop playing.

Gambling is a way of releasing stress, of unwinding, so getting tense over spilled milk shouldn’t at all be present during gambling. Don’t pay attention to what others are winning or losing. Casinos are for having a good time, testing the odds, and meeting new friends. You have to leave the delusions of winning money to pay off debt or to buy a new car at the door.

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