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2023-08-04 13:07:20
How to Maximise Your Earnings from Slot Machines

Slot machines are a good intro to gambling as it’s the easiest platform to get around. You don’t have to take turns, memorize complex rules, or bet extortionate wagers. All you have to do is learn the pay lines and hope for the best. Yet, there are some key ways of increasing your lucky odds when playing slots.

Check the RTP percentage

What would you do if you were to gamble on an old-school slot machine? The first thing you would do is ask other players which machine is the most profitable. Now turn your attention to present-day online casinos that host literally hundreds of versions of slot machines. That’s the Return-to-Player percentage, which is an index showing you how many of the players get a cash return. The higher the percentage, the more players win, but is that always a good thing? If you happen to invest $50 and only get $10 in return, you will definitely fall within the percentage of winning players, even though you lost money. The RTP index also tells you how much money goes back to the casino. If a slot machine has an RTP of 95%, only 5% will go back to the casino. That’s why it’s wise to choose your machine carefully and not put stock in every high percentage you see. 

Pick a game with more paylines

A pay line is a combination of 3–5 symbols that yields a specific amount of cash every time it’s played. Machines with more reels are more likely to have more pay lines compared to games with fewer reels. That’s why the most popular games are those with 20, 40, 50, or even 100 pay lines. If you choose a game like those mentioned, your gameplay will benefit from lower wagers since more pay lines mean a higher chance of winning. 

Look out for in-game bonuses and promotions 

Some slot machines are designed in a simple fashion: try to get a few symbols to land in a specific line, and you win! But some games are more elaborate than that and have intricate storylines that reward you with bonuses the more you progress through them! In addition to that, there are promo codes that, if you happen to come across them on the web, give you free spins or even double your earnings. Some providers even offer a promo code store, where you can exchange points for promo codes to get the maximum value from the slot machine.

Choose slots with a better range of power-ups 

Sure, casino gaming isn’t like traditional gaming, where you find items and drink potions to enhance your character’s strength, but it hides some unexpected surprises. For example, some games offer accelerated spins that speed up your game; mega spins, which are a sequence of spins that double your earnings when you land a pay line. At other times, you’ll get the chance to roll lucky dice as a side quest to your lever pulling. Overall, there are many titles that will do anything to increase your chances of winning (and also playing for as long as your wallet can afford). 

Responsible play

It doesn’t matter which profile you fit - newbie gambler or an inveterate punter - everyone should acknowledge the fact that betting responsibly is the only way to ensure the safety of your funds. So, avoid heavy alcohol consumption (as tempting the free drinks at the casino may look), betting under the influence of toxic emotions, and putting all your eggs in one basket (or one game, in this case).

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