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2023-07-17 13:28:54
How to bet on table tennis online - a beginner's guide

Also known as ping pong, table tennis is a game of agility and accuracy, and as exciting as it is, betting definitely adds a degree of intensity and thrill to it. Run along this article to find out how to bet on table tennis and make the most of your money. 

Get to grips with the format

It’s wise to have a vague idea of what table tennis is like. You should understand the rules, the duration, the style of play. For example, matches are typically played in a best-of-five or best-of-seven format, with each game finishing when a player gets 11 points (unless both players get a 10-10 draw which allows the game to continue until one player gets a two-point lead).   

Do background checks on your selected players

A player has strengths and weaknesses. They may have a good forehand, but a weak backhand. Their grip may be the Chinese or European way and so on. Researching their performance, win-loss record, records against specific players, and number of points made at serving will tell you a lot about the player. It is also crucial that you understand the different varieties of service shots used, since they can be absolutely critical in determining a player’s win. 

Consider your betting odds and markets

Odds vary across a slew of factors: player, tournament, and betting market. Out of the three, the betting markets require most attention. For table tennis, those could be: 

Match winner, where you decide the winner of a single game. 

Handicap betting occurs when the playing conditions are less than ideal or when one team/player is significantly stronger than the other. The gist is to bet on the underdog and hope they win to get cash on the higher odds. 

Total points lets you decide if the total number of points will be over or under a certain amount. 

Correct score, where you guess the precise scoreline of the game. 
Make adjustments as you go
Consider in-game betting to make any necessary amendments to your sportsbook, as watching the way athletes play live gives you invaluable insight on the likely outcome of the game. You should be careful with your expenditure on wagers as well as stop whenever a player goes on a losing streak that they can’t get out of. It’s wise for greener punters to set a budget in advance and stick to it. 

The most lucrative tournaments to bet on

Here are some of the most hyped championships to look out for: 

World Table Tennis Championship: the biggest tournament for table tennis, with a prize pool of over 5 million dollars up for grabs. 

Olympic Games: you can be dead-certain that there will be a healthy amount of punters betting here. The most prestigious and respected events in sports will provide you with plenty of betting opportunities. 

Table Tennis World Cup: this annual event has a total prize pool of $1 million and takes place in a different country each year. 

ITTF World Tour Grand Finals: are not any different from the World Cup, and the prize pool is just as large.  

Continental Championships: as the name suggests, each continent has its own championship, with each boasting various cash prizes. It’s customary to think that Asia has the most fearsome challengers, and you would  be right. The total prize pool for the event is nearly 3 million dollars. 

Responsible play

For newbie punters and seasoned gamblers alike, responsible play is the tool to help you fully enjoy your wins. By responsibly playing, we mean that you avoid alcohol consumption (or at least overdoing it), gambling under intense emotion, and taking a break whenever you are on a losing streak to avoid getting frustrated.

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