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2023-05-22 23:58:28
How has the Advancement of Technology Advanced Betting?

It’s true of every industry that it progresses alongside the improvement of technology and it could be stated the same about the field of betting. Back then, a wooden cup and dice were all you needed, but today, the spectrum of games, software, and options ranges imperceptibly far. So, how’s that doing any good for the industry?


Easy access to a particular good or service has always been the aim of both customers and business owners. Before brick-and-mortar bookies were a thing, punters had to flock to a sporting event and make their wagers on the spot. When radio, and then TV, became a thing, punters realised that one place for betting that unifies all sports would ease the hassle of jumping from one game to another - and it did! Even today, you have on-site bookies where you can place your bet and enjoy the game with others. 


With online gambling booming in popularity in the early 2000s, making bank by betting could now be done from the comfort of your own home. First, it was computers that facilitated home-based gaming, but not long after, smartphone betting became the way to go for many players who wanted to bring their hustle wherever they went.


Around 2005, developers began delving into the depths of virtual reality, thus producing VR horse racing that’s pure simulation and doesn’t require any blood-and-flesh references. From there on, VR football, hockey, volleyball, rugby, and many other disciplines got issued. Not just that, but casino games always got digitized, eliminating the need for bulky slot machines or large poker tables. With online games, developers can be more creative and set new challenges to punters at a fraction of the cost. 


The first thing you would do if you were to go to a regular casino is to ask a friend if it’s worth the visit. Now, you don’t have to do that - you can simply go to a third-party review website to double check if everything is up to scratch with the provider. 

Not only that, but the thought of someone breaking in is also unlikely, as all casinos work with a slew of developers responsible not just for the gameplay, but for the systems of security required to prevent cyberattacks from occurring.

In conclusion

Technology has only made branch gambling better for both sides, and there’s no denying that the field will advance further in time. Today, virtually simulated games are the hottest thing, with every ersatz team having its own abilities, history, and real-time team shuffling. And it will only get better, as people start getting more involved in games by means of headsets and augmented reality, not to mention that e-Sports are proliferating every single day, as tournaments garner bigger cash pools each year.

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