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2023-05-12 23:08:11
Are Sports Bonuses Really that Important?

Sports bonuses are a great way of giving a kickstart to your gambling adventure and are a perk that an in-person experience can’t truly replicate. These incentives are a trademark of virtually any reputable online gambling venue, but are they worth the chase? 

Limited opportunity

The first reason you should consider redeeming sports bonuses is their scarcity. They are seasonal bonuses that normally coincide with the sporting event they are intended for. That means they are of limited availability, and the chance of coming across one depends entirely on the season of your favorite game.

If missed, there are still bonus programs to get involved in. Most casinos offer a loyalty program where you climb a rank ladder with every new bet you make. This sort of system rewards you with a new perk or bonus every time you reach a new level. They go by the names VIP Club or Loyalty Program, and have a different system, so you should check out the different tiers before enrolling.

A good boost to your gambling game

A second benefit that will definitely improve your earnings is that a lot of these bonuses will double or triple your money. Most popular bonuses are: double/tripple the odds on a win/lose/draw; losing streak bonus; championship bonus; first one to score, and so much more! And while there are the standard welcome bonuses that are usually tied primarily with sports betting, you’ll find a nice roster of perks and freebies that are time sensitive. 

Are they scamming me with such offers? 

Fraud can be committed by the most noble-minded organizations, so you should keep your eyes peeled at all times. For gambling, however, things are a bit different. Licensed casinos  are under stringent control for any embezzlement or money laundering that may be taking place. Not only that, there are active proposals for third-party regulators to oversee difficult cases and protect ill-informed players. What you should normally expect is for the bonus to get you hooked on playing more and give you a chance to double your returns, but to ensure that, you must check: 

-  If the gambling provider is licensed by a government/official gambling association

-  See if they have solid web protection (e.g., an SSL certificate)

-  Check their rating on a third-party website (Trustpilot/Google Reviews)

-  The word of unbiased online reviewers (not influencers, as they get paid to review providers).

-  What registration credentials are needed in advance?

-  The terms and conditions of their data protection policy

How do I claim a fake casino or sports bonus?

If you have tried more than one casino, you’ll notice that bonuses, by and large, have the same names, the most popular being: 

-  100 free spins on registration

-  Registration bonuses of $100 in betting

-  30%–100% on your first deposit (basically giving you double the sum you have put into the system) 

-  Double or triple the odds for the said time period

-  Losing streak cash return (you are eligible for it after 20 consecutive losses)

-  Seasonal bonuses. 

-  Beat an AI prediction bot (different names for different casinos)

-  Promo codes (usually exchanged for special points you earn from gambling regularly)

All of these bonuses must be redeemed with ease and shouldn’t require credentials such as: 

-  ID card (some websites require it for verification but not for bonuses)

-  Bank account details (that’s strictly for payment purposes)

-  Email, phone number (these are for registration purposes)

Reliable gaming platforms see here: