Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and Promotions


Pokerstars Bonuses

 Bonuses and Promotions

PokerStars is the largest online poker room in the world. The casino is suitable for players of all levels and offers a variety of games, including poker, slots and live casino games, as well as bonuses and promotions for players to enjoy.

PokerStars, the world's number one poker room, has been on the internet since September 2001 and has been leading the gaming industry with cutting-edge and innovative games ever since. PokerStars services are licensed, certified and regulated by recognized companies, including the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), RG Check, GameCare and TSG.

The list of record facts for PokerStars includes hosting the largest online poker tournament with about 150,000 players and building the largest customer base, with about 50 million registered users. The range of games on offer is one of the reasons many people use the room, as everyone will be able to find exactly the right poker or casino option for the player, making PokerStars suitable for beginners or highly experienced professionals.

Pokerstars Bonuses and Promotions

Welcome bonus

PokerStars also offers a welcome bonus in terms of Match Bonus and free play. When you register and deposit at PokerStars Casino for the first time, you can take advantage of a very large bonus.
To claim a welcome bonus from PokerStars, you must enter the bonus code "WELCOME1" when making your first deposit. This bonus offers new players a 100% deposit bonus as well as a free spin offer.

 Instant bonuses
When you play at PokerStars Casino, you only see one balance on the table or slot you are playing. This is the balance that is available for this game. It includes the actual cash balance in your account plus the balance of the active immediate bonus, if you have one. Instant bonuses instantly add money to your account. They can only be used in eligible casinos. The goal is to collect a number of points to cash through a game before the discount expires. Once you have collected the necessary points to redeem the discount, it is converted into real money.

 Free spins
By making your first deposit at PokerStars Casino, you not only win a 100% bonus, but you can also receive up to 1000 free spins.

Casino bonuses at PokerStars

PokerStars offers players remarkable bonuses and promotions for the best experience. The bonuses provided by the gaming platform are aimed at maximizing winnings and retaining players at the Poker Stars casino. Just like all other online casinos that provide the best to their players.

Poker bonuses

- 100% game deposit bonus

This bonus is one of the best offers that players can get on any poker room. To claim the full value, you must make three more deposits in 60 days. For example, by depositing $ 150 on your first day, $ 200 about a week later, and $ 250 after 58 days, you are eligible to receive $ 600 in total bonus money.

This bonus is released in installments and is $ 10 each. Each is credited to your account when you earn VIP Player Points (VPPs) of 100. The match bonus is 55 percent of the Rakeback deal, where points accrue at $ 5.5 for $ 1.

- $ 30 free game

This special bonus is for initial depositors who make a minimum deposit of $ 20. The deposit bonus comes with the Pokerstars code FREE30. After the deposit, the $ 10 cash is transferred to the player's account in less than 48 hours of deposit, along with five Spin-and-Go tickets, which are also available immediately, three $ 1 tickets on the first day after deposit, one $ 2 ticket on the second day and one $ 5 ticket on the third day. And on the seventh day of the deposit, the last $ 10 in cash is transferred to the player's accounts. Make a deposit over $ 20 and you will receive $ 30 for 6 days. The bonus goes directly to your cash account and can be used immediately in either Spin & Go or any other form of poker.

- PokerStars mobile bonuses

The bookmaker has no special bonuses for customers who play through Pokerstars - the mobile version of the site or through the mobile application. They can take advantage of the bonuses that are available through the official desktop version of the site. PokerStars promotions, on the other hand, can be quite large - such as $ 1 million in freerolls per year, plus ongoing opportunities to win amazing packages to PokerStars Live events at minimal cost.

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Other bonuses at Pokerstars

 Free tickets for tournaments
Each time you top up your account (at least $ 10), you'll get access to special daily freerolls for 1 month. Every day there will be 4 such free "Privileged Tournaments" with a guaranteed prize pool of $ 1000. This means that you will be able to participate in 120 tournaments per month to compete for part of the prize pool of $ 120,000!

- Bonus code: 100K, Application: Each deposit, VIP Club - monthly prizes for all loyal players

Very generous rewards program for the club's VIP system. Any player who has made a deposit in poker stars automatically becomes a member of the club and can make use of all the benefits.

All players who participate in the games receive gifts from VIP Club Poker Stars. They receive loyalty points or points for participating in a game or tournament.

These points are accumulated and each player can use them individually in the VIP club shop on the official website: he can buy all the things he wants (hats, T-shirts, jackets and even a car), tickets to exclusive tournaments, as well as tickets for the exchange of loyalty points for cash.

 Loyalty points:

- Vpp. They are intended only to determine the status of the player, can not be exchanged for prizes. Points from the same FPP, or other loyalty points are never reset, they are accumulated and can be used to receive cash bonuses, to participate in tournaments or make purchases in the VIP store.

Vpps are awarded to all poker stars, with 1 or more FPPs awarded for each VPP point, depending on the player's status in the VIP club. This means that the higher your status in the club, the faster you accumulate your bonuses.

- Club levels. There are 7 levels in the VIP club. The higher the level of the player in the club, the more rewards and bonuses he receives. Club statuses:

- Bronze level. Every player who makes a deposit at Pokerstars starts at this level. Bronze level players can change their points for VIP prizes and receive special bonuses.

- Chrome. To receive this status, you must earn 100 VPPs. Players at this level receive free tickets to all 100k Privilege Freerolls.

- Silver level. This status allows you to earn loyalty points one and a half times faster. At this level it becomes possible to buy tickets for loyalty point tournaments.

- Golden level. The points gain is double. Players of this status get access to special VIP tournaments.

- Platinum level. To get it, you have to try and earn 7500 VPPs points. The club's best prizes are provided, including participation in millions of tournaments and live qualifying tournaments.

- Supernova level. The percentage of loyalty points increases by 3.5 times. Cash bonuses of up to $ 23,000 are available. Personal manager support.

- Live supernova level. Only the most stubborn can receive this valued level.

PokerStars' new rewards program (also known as treasure chests) gives a series of surprising prizes to players at all levels and can be very generous. This is not as lucrative as the old Supernova / Supernova Elite program implemented by the most active players, but it provides more than enough free tournament tickets and cash prizes for the average leisure player.


Deposit and withdrawal methods are secure and easy to use. All transactions, through desktop or application, are encrypted and secure.

Once your account ID and confirmation are set up for deposit, you can do so almost instantly. Popular deposit methods include:

- Immediate electronic payments - payments by check.
- Skrill - Secure and easy online payments.
- Mastercard / Visa - most credit or debit card transactions are approved.
- Neteller - a fast and secure way to send and receive money online.
- StarsTransfer - Make an instant deposit using your online banking.
- PayNearMe - Allows cash payments at retail locations across the country.
- PokerStars Play + Car - This is a personalized prepaid card account. The card is included in your Stars account for safe deposits and withdrawals.
- The Play + card is a great option for players who have trouble performing ACH transactions. Those who prefer personal transactions most often choose PayNearMe or cash.


Whether you're looking for amazing welcome bonuses, an active cash game community or exciting tournaments, PokerStars is almost guaranteed to exceed your expectations. There is absolutely no reason for an online poker player not to have an account on this site and this applies to both leisure and professional players.

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