Paripesa Download


Paripesa download

Paripesa is an online betting platform that has been established in 2019. For the past years it has developed a great reputation and big market coverage. It offers many betting options, including live games, sports betting and casino. Paripesa can be opened not only on a PC, but also on a mobile device. Today we will share more details about the download of the application, and the sign up process.

 Paripesa sign up

 The sign-up process in Paripesa is not hard, you can do it from many countries over the world, and you only have to be of legal age to create your account. The sign process should be done in those steps:

Find the red ‘Registration’ button, located in the upper corner of the home page and click it

-  Choose one of the registration methods provided- we strongly advise you to choose the longest method- mail. Why? Because later, when you want to withdrawal money you will have to accomplish the verification process and add all the needed data. Better do it during registration

-  Follow the registration process and fill in the code that was sent to you

-  Say if you want a bonus

-  You are ready and you can start betting!

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 Paripesa download application

There is a mobile application for Android users provided by Paripesa. This makes betting with Paripesa easier than ever all around the world. The application can be downloaded in the website, which can be reached by using the browser on your mobile device.

Sadly, there is no mobile application of Apple users, but this does not mean that Paripesa can not be used on iOS devices.

 Paripesa on mobile devices

If you want to bet with Paripesa while using your mobile device you can do it either by downloading the application( if you are an Android user), or you can reach the website by using your mobile phone browser. 

It is easy to do that, you only have to write Paripesa in your mobile browser search, and you can reach the website with one click. The website is fully compatible with mobile devices and you can easily bet, just as the desktop version.

 Paripesa customer support

Paripesa is a website that provides high-quality customer support. You can get in touch with the customer support 24/7 by using the live chat option placed in the right down corner of the page. You will get fast assistance and you can ask your question immediately.

If your question does not require immediate attention you can submit a mail. The answer will come in 8 hours. Unfortunately, you can not contact the customer support by calling them, because there is no mobile phone provided.

However, the live chat option is fast enough, helpful and kind. You will be provided with attention and your issue will be solved as soon as possible.



If you want to enjoy the best experience with Paripesa you have to make sure that your device uses the newest software version.
No, it takes only a few minutes to register in Paripesa. There are also faster methods and you can register with one click.
If you are sure that you want to delete your account you can get in touch with the customer support and they will help you. You can do that by sending a mail, or sending a message with the live chat option.
There are some games that can be played for free in Paripesa, but not every game offers this option. There is no difference between Paripesa mobile version and desktop version.
No, Paripesa has mobile application available only for android users. If you are using an iOS, you will have to load the website on your browser.