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A characteristic feature of the leading bookmaker houses are the mobile applications. The number of companies that rely on such an innovation is increasing, as it facilitates consumers and promotes the brand among even more fans of betting. In this article we will look at the proposals of the English bookmaker Betfair, which is authorized by the state commission.


Mobile application for Android

In our contact with the Android application we came across both positive and negative features. The pros are related to the incredible convenience that comes from the nice interface. The design is clean and the pages contain the basic details needed for your full betting experience.
Info: The application is based on the latest technologies and is a set of functionalities gathered in one program. With this Betfair service you will save time from surfing the Internet, and you will always be ready to place bets.

Betfair android is available for download only from the official website. Once you enter the mobile version, you will find a pop-up window at the top of the screen. Betfair offers 3 separate applications aimed at sports fans, stock market fans and trading shareholders.

Before you start downloading an Betfair mobile app, check the security settings of your mobile device. Apps not downloaded from Google Play will be blocked unless "Allow downloads from unknown sources" is checked. Regarding the ban on Google's Gambling applications, we do not know how long it will be in force, but at this stage there are no signs of reform of the set conditions.

IPhone Mobile App (iOS)

In stark contrast to the latter are the rules hinted by Apple. The software developer does not prohibit the distribution of gambling applications in his Play Store. You can get the Betfair services from iTunes, where the Betfair mobile app is published.

The data shows the advantage of the English company over other online bookmakers. Users are satisfied with the opportunities provided and give a positive rating to the application. It is multilingual, found in English and many other languages. The file size is 68 MB and the requirements are for iOS9 or later version of the operating system. This does not mean that older software will not run the program, but there will be problems with the graphics and visualization of individual products.

The installation of the Betfair mobile app for iPhone is performed automatically. After downloading the app from iTunes, the firmware will launch the installation and provide a desktop access icon.

Mobile version of the site

Fans of the standard view can trust the portable version of the website. A mini-model of the desktop version has been created, which behaves stably on various operating systems. It does not depend on the type of device and its resolution.

The mobile version is an easy way to access Betfair services. No need to download software and update them. The only condition is that you have an Internet browser from which you will access the site address. You enter in the search box and after loading the page, the system will recognize your device and will instantly refer you to the portable version.

The view is 1: 1 with the desktop application. The home page is dedicated to promotional offers. Separate banners are published on it, informing about the current bonuses and their conditions. The "Sports" section contains identical circulations, and through the navigation bar you select the desired sports.

The portable version turns out to be a practical betting option if you do not aim for a long stay on the platform and trust pre-bets.

Info: For live betting, we recommend mobile applications, as they give you timely access and consume less mobile data.

What features are built into the apps and mobile version?

The functionalities of the two mobile versions overlap to a large extent. The differences are entirely technological and related to security and betting time. Mobile applications allow direct access to a number of services very quick, and save the session for a longer period. Yes, you need to download a software product, but its size is unlikely to affect the device's memory.

Both portable services provide live streaming for avid sports enthusiasts. In real time you will follow what is happening on the football fields, tennis courts and basketball courts. To join Livestreaming, you must have an activated account and an available balance in it.

The applications include a number of other extras that we find in the desktop version. You can create bets via electronic slips, close active coupons with the "Cash Out" option, join the sports exchange, etc. Betting tools do not tolerate adjustments and retain a stereotyped appearance. You get security with straight speakers with Acca Edge and increased odds from Price Rush.


The pace of our daily life is extremely fast, which limits our free time. There are less and less minutes in which we can enjoy our favorite activities. Thanks to Betfair mobile, however, this problem is a thing of the past.

The gambling giant's applications give us timely access to a bunch of betting opportunities. We place bets via smartphone, join the sports exchange and watch the performances of your favorite team in real time.

Info: The only negative aspect is related to the absence of a mobile bonus. However, we give a positive rating to the portable service and place it in an honorable place in our list.

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The difference between the two is minimal in terms of functionality. However, the site is absolutely the same on a mobile device and desktop computer, while in applications, each section has a separate offer. Keep in mind that not every operating system can support the mobile application, so the only option for a given game may be available to you on the mobile version of the site. The only thing that may be the case if you use the mobile version of the site is the possibility of higher consumption of mobile data.
Yes, the functionality offered in the Betfair application is identical to that on the site.
Yes, for certain meetings.
Verification can be done through the Betfair mobile application when you have an Internet connection, otherwise you will not have a connection to the company's servers.
Both the site and the betfair mobile application strive to prevent reckless betting by its users. One way is through a time out option, which allows the user to turn off his account for a certain time, during which he will not have access to it. The ban is provided by Betfair, although the customer is the initiator.
The mobile bonus is linked to a specific account. This means that no matter how many devices you use Betfair services on, you can only take advantage of the mobile bonus once.
From the mobile application you can both withdraw and deposit funds. Depending on the preferred method, the withdrawal transaction time is between 12 hours and 3 days.
The development of Betfair also implies the development of the services they offer. To enjoy their full access, it is useful to update your application each time a new version is available.
There is usually no limit. However, if you do not limit yourself to using only 2-3 ISPs (home, company, etc.), then your account may be suspended until the situation is clarified.
The mobile application offers the same amenities as the site. Note that some of the games may be separated in a separate application. If this is not the case and you still do not find an option, contact support to be directed to a solution.