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Betfair is one of the largest and most successful online bookmakers in the world, and today the British company can proudly boast of millions of customers from around the world. The brand started operating in the summer of 2000, and its platform is home to the most successful and popular sports betting exchange at the moment.

Although Betfair's excellent exchange is it's strongest advantage over competitors, many users regularly play in it's casino. This segment of the bookmaker's platform started operating in 2006, which in fact makes it one of the first online casinos on the British market.

New players are tempted with appetizing bonuses, and for their full entertainment a wide range of different slot machines and card games are provided. In this review we will provide you with the most important information about Betfair Casino, which has been operating successfully on the market for 14 years.



The process of registration in the casino is done in a standard way, which would not make it difficult for even users with minimal experience in the world of online betting. Depending on your personal preferences, you can play using your browser, or download specialized software from Playtech.
You do not need to make a separate registration for the Betfair casino if you already have one for the sports betting or poker platform. 

As a disadvantage we can point out that at this stage the casino does not allow searching for a certain game through a search engine, which is why you have to "search" for it through the various sections. Keep in mind that, like most other companies, Betfair may also require you to verify your identity with a document such as an ID card or driver's license.

In a prominent place on the homepage of the casino, Betfair cleverly shows the total amount that can be collected from the available jackpots for the various games. At the time this review was written, the system showed us that every 45 minutes one of the jackpots in the casino has been won.

Betfair is always trying to promote its most popular slot machines or card games, and a separate section also shows the latest titles that might grab your attention.

 Casino games

Playtech's specialized software will provide you with high quality entertainment, given that this company is considered a world leader in the development of casino games. An example of this is Playtech slot machines, many of which are based on popular, series, movies, fairy tales, etc. Of course, slot machines are not the only casino entertainment that Playtech can offer to consumers. Thanks to this casino software development company, Betfair can also offer a wide range of card games, video poker and even some arcade entertainment. Each of the games impresses with great 3D graphics, and the winnings are more than satisfactory. Thanks to the mobile gaming functionality, the Betfair casino can be anywhere with you, as long as you have a smartphone or tablet with internet connection.

And that's not all! In addition to the classic slots, you can also enjoy a special selection of jackpot slot machines. In this section you find many favorite titles, and the prize funds can reach amounts of nearly 3 million pounds!

 Live casino

Many players prefer real-time casino games, which helps them get as close as possible to the unique experience of an actual casino. Betfair has tried to offer a highly developed live casino concept that includes tables with real croupiers for games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, sik bo, casino holdem and others. The game is allowed at any budget by the bettor, and bets can range from a few cents to amounts such as 10 thousand dollars for one spin of the roulette.

Betfair has tried to provide players with the most diverse set of different tables, and the professional training of the croupiers will help you feel as if you are in a real casino of the highest class. What is happening on the table reaches you thanks to a HD signal, through which you can monitor everything that is happening at the moment. Communication with the croupiers is also possible, which is an additional plus for the overall experience.

 Phone casino

Fully up to date with the development of technology today, Betfair provides it's casino users the ability to play from mobile devices.

Trying to offer the best possible experience, Betfair has its own application for the two most popular mobile operating systems Android and iOS. All you have to do is open Google Play or the AppStore and search for the BETFAIR mobile app. The steps then are easy - log in to your account (or create one, if you don't have one) and you're ready to play, as long as you have funds in your account.

Here we must remind you that when playing on mobile devices you will have a smaller choice of titles,  because some of them may not be compatible with your smartphone. However, the available games are many and varied enough to meet your demand. One of the good news is that in most cases, Betfair offers exclusive bonuses and promotions designed specifically for gamers from mobile devices. In some cases, you can also rely on receiving notifications to always be prepared for new offers.

 Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are an essential part of the battle for customers between the various betting companies. As soon as you open the casino, you will notice the various available bonuses that you could activate with an existing account. These include one hundred free spins on a £ 20 bet, thirty free spins for new users, 100% cashback and more. New customers of the casino have the right to claim a solid bonus for "welcome", and the condition for it's use is well known to fans of online betting - you need to "roll" the amount according to the rules specified by the bookmaker to be able to withdraw the money from the respective bonus.

 Deposit and withdrawal methods

The bookmaker's system accepts payments by debit or credit card, and also supports payments through companies such as PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. The function for financial operation by bank transfer is also supported.

 Ensuring user security

Betfair does its best to ensure the security of its users, which is why the system maintains a two-step authentication system, which protects you from the risk of another person gaining unauthorized access to your account or account. If you have a problem or doubts about your account being hacked, you can always contact the company's 24-hour support department for assistance. And if you think that at some point you are not playing wisely enough, you can always ask the support to provide you with a timeout and take the much-needed rest. Setting deposit limits to save you from unreasonable spending is also available as a feature and is extremely useful.


In conclusion, we can say that the Betfair Casino is definitely worth your time. The company is one of the leaders in the world of online betting and casino entertainment, which is why maintaining a high standard of service is a must. The diverse range of games, good support and appetizing bonuses are just some of the reasons why many people trust Betfair Casino as a source of this type of entertainment.

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Free spins are such slots that allow you to bet for free, with the winnings from each spin going to the customer.
This is usually the result of a disconnected user connection to the user, which also results in a disconnection between the user and Betfair. So you need to check if everything is OK and try again. If it still doesn't work, contact customer Support. The game ends at the moment of disconnection. If there is an active spin at this time, the result is credited to the user's account.
The live casino is played in real time, which means that the gaming process runs regardless of the presence of a user. If you have a bet, it will be accepted and the result credited to the account. After completing the last bet made before the disconnection, you will be removed from the table.
Locked games are games where you can see a padlock. To participate in them you must meet certain requirements, which are usually the accumulation of points or a certain participation in other games available to the user.
Unfortunately no. At the moment, Betfair does not offer the possibility of spins without depositing a certain amount. However, if you meet the necessary requirements, you can also get free slot games accompanied by cash prizes.
Yes, just press the add to favorites button and the bingo room will appear in the list.
You can do this from the Casino bonus page. Keep in mind that the suspension of a bonus can lead to a loss of funds from already won games.
The deadline is usually seven days, but a different deadline can be set individually. Therefore, get acquainted with the conditions of the bonus for which you participate.
Yes. There are two options. The already mentioned mobile application, as well as an application compatible for desktop computers.
Yes. It is divided into three levels - Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Each level is acquired by accumulating game points in the casino.